Arcade Horizon 2 VR Headset

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Limitless Horizons. The Horizon VR2 Headset offers the ultimate experience in virtual reality, so you can explore new perspectives and lose yourself in the new world.

Discover Virtual Realities. Take a look around and explore amazing panoramic photos incluiding ones you have taken on your own device. This is a whole new way to experience the world, so start expanding your horizons.

Compatabilitiy. Fits screen sizes from 3.5 to 7.5 inches.

Unleash new horizons - The Horizon VR headset allows you to take your smartphone, and transform it into a virtual reality that you step inside. Instead of the normal world around you, you will find yourself transported into your game. Challenge yourself with a new gaming experience - This is the new and exciting way to play games, and totally revolutionises the gaming experience. Unearth different experiences that you could never have predicted as you challenge yourself in a completely new way. Explore virtual realities - As well as exploring the virtual realities that have been created by different gaming companies, you can also explore realities that are a little closer to home. For example, you can look around panoramic photographs that you have taken with your device. Use with controller for added functionality - For Android uses, you can also purchase the Arcade controller for added functionality, which means that you can fully immerse yourself into the gaming experience without limits. Arcade - Arcade offers you the chance to ignore the boundaries and play in a totally new way. It is impossible not to love the gadgets and toys that have no limits, so buckle up for more joy and laughter than you thought possible! Specifications - Headset dimensions: L130 x W165 x H105 (mm) Play time: up to 5 hours.

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