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At 4Gadgets we have a wide variety of cheap, second hand and refurbished tablets for sale from top brands including Apple, Google and Samsung. No matter your preferences we have a range of tablets available to buy online at competitively low prices. Whether it’s to stream films, make notes for a lecture or simply shop and browse the internet – we have the tablet for you.

Choosing A Tablet

Deciding on the brand and model of which tablet to buy isn’t always a straight forward decision and there are many things to consider when making your selection.

Operating System – Most people are aware of the 3 main operating systems - Apple (iOS), Google (Android), and Microsoft (Windows). Deciding which one is up to you but if you already have a smart phone then you may want to go with a tablet that uses the same OS, which would allow for easier syncing between devices.

Specifications – Some will be more important than others based on your intended use for the tablet but it’s definitely worth comparing specs between models when making your decision. Resolution, battery life, processor, memory, storage and cellular capabilities are all things to consider.

Tablet Size – Most tablet devices come in two sizes and it’s up to the individual to determine which best suits them. A 7 inch screen is more portable and suited to people who want to use it maybe as a reading device out and about or on the go. The 10 inch screen however provides a better video watching experience and is ideal for people looking to watch a lot of films or TV.

Budget – Second hand tablets offer great value for money but your preferred list of requirements can impact the price. Looking at different models or an alternative brand could provide you with a device that has all the high tech specifications at a price you can afford.

Are The Devices Checked Before They Are Sold?

At 4Gadgets our meticulous tech experts run thorough checks on all aspects of each device before it is ever listed on the website. These including testing on – exterior condition (screen, case, buttons), functionality of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, battery life and microphone as well as all ports for headphones and chargers etc. We also run checks on the IMEI number through the database to ensure it has not been reported lost or stolen. Whether they are second hand or refurbished all of our tablets are fully functioning – just at much cheaper prices then when new!

What If There’s a Problem With My Purchase?

Our scrupulous testing means that all tablets arrive with their new owners in top working condition as promised. However with technology we know that sometimes things can go wrong and that is why with each device we provide;

- A full 14 day money back guarantee

- Prepaid returns envelope that provides completely free, tracked and insured returns

- A 12 month warranty

We want our customer to make their 4Gadgets purchase with the peace of mind in knowing they will get exactly what they’ve paid for or their money back.

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