4gadgets / Evertreen Sustainability Partnership

4gadgets is a brand specialising in second-hand, used, and refurbished technology, dedicated to revolutionising the refurbished tech market since our establishment in April 2015. We believe everyone deserves to own their desired mobile phone handsets and other devices, with top-notch quality and at affordable prices.

We also have an extensive trade-in programme that encourages customers to recycle their old devices contributing to the creation of a more sustainable environment.

Supporting the community and giving back are integral components of our sustainable ethos. With a dedicated focus on sustainability, we feel particularly passionate about charitable organisations who strive for the same and share our vision of creating a better world.

That’s why we’ve set up an initiative with Evertreen – a company who strives to take care of the environment by planting trees across the world to offset Co2 and alleviate poverty. They plant suitable tree species in every country they operate in which promotes the health and well-being of the planet and will benefit many future generations.

To show our support to our sustainability commitment and this important cause cause, we will plant a tree for every order placed through 4gadgets.

As a result, we know this will provide many people in third world countries jobs, it will improve their habitat, and it will help towards reaching a net zero target. Once the trees are planted, we will be notified and sent updates as the forest grows – and of course we will keep you informed with updates too!

In fact, Evertreen have already made a little video thanking us for the 833 trees that have been planted which you can see below, together with statistics showing the difference we have already made. You can see our 4gadgets / MTR profile on Evertreen here.

You can also see the various locations across the world we will be helping, starting on the west coast of Kenya, Africa.