Samsung Universal Travel Charger- Black

Full Description

Your Samsung mobile phone can do a lot. But before you can get scrolling, swiping, snapping, and texting, you will need to boost your battery. Our Samsung universal travel charger comes with a foldable third prong, which makes it useable in several different types of mains plug. So you can top your Samsung smartphone's battery up whenever you need a little extra juice, no matter where you go. At 4gadgets, we pride ourselves on unbeatable variety, value, and customer service. So buying your Samsung universal travel charger couldn't be simpler, or better for the wallet. All shipped out via FREE next day UK delivery. Worried about your charger's quality? Worry no more. Every 4gadgets purchase is subjected to rigorous test protocol, and is covered by a 12 month warranty. That's not even the best bit. With 4gadgets, not only can you purchase a pristine condition Samsung universal travel charger for a discount price. But you can also shop around for all the best refurbished and used mobile phone devices to pair it with. One problem; with all these savings to be made, these Samsung universal travel chargers don't stick around long. Get yours now!