Special Edition Refurbished Phones

Friday, 24th March, 2017 - 16:04

With the news this week that Apple in partnership with (Product) RED have released a scarlet version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 4Gadgets have compiled a list of our five favourite Special Editions, both good and bad!

Red, which was founded by U2’s Bono, have joined forces with the smartphone giant in a bid to eliminate the AID’s virus from the world with a special edition that could bring some credibility to what can sometimes seem like a pointless gimmick. 

Special Edition Refurbished Phone 1

1 - Making the everyday luxury is StuartHughes.com’s speciality and over the years they have customised phones and tablets with gold, diamonds and all manner of jewellery for the stupidly rich. Our particular favourite is the iPhone 4 History Edition, which has a handset made from the tooth of a T-Rex and pieces of a meteoric stone.

Special Edition Refurbished Phone 1

2 – Samsung’s SPH-N270 was specifically made for the Matrix sequels, despite the Nokia 8110 flip phone being the used in the original film. Ironically a film that was ahead of its time only warranted a phone that didn’t even have Bluetooth.  

Special Refurbished Mobile Phone 3

3 - Keeping with the movie theme, over the last decade, both smartphones and Superhero flicks have taken over our lives, so it’s no surprise that certain films have been attached to certain flagship mobiles. Our top pick of Super-Phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition which comes in the iconic gold and hot rod red of the Marvel hero’s suit.

Special Refurbished Mobile Phone 4

4 - Samsung also celebrate sporting heroes with their Rio 2016 Olympic Edition Galaxy S7 which features the five different Olympic colours on the chassis, buttons and back cover as well as the famous five ring logo.

Special Refurbished Mobile Phone 5

5 – HTC made a special MOBO Edition of their One M8 model for the 2014 awards ceremony. A special ‘Tattoo’ design of a 1950s style microphone with angel wings beautifully adorns the gunmetal grey casing.