8 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know You Can Do with an iPhone

Tuesday, 11th August, 2015 - 22:14

Hands up, who has ever read the instruction manual that comes with your iPhone? We bet there are very few people who take the time to leaf through and find out exactly what your device is capable of. So, being the nice people that we are, the team at 4Gadgets has put together some of the best, yet lesser-known features that you should be taking full advantage of. Enjoy!

Picture Apple

1. Easy landscape photos
Hold the camera landscape and you can use the "up" volume button as the shutter button. 

Texting Apple
2. Text Message Time Stamps
Slide your text message conversation to the left to view the time stamp of each message. 

Airplane Mode Apple
3. Faster Charging
To charge the phone in half the time, slide in to Airplane mode. 

Multi Select Photos Apple
4. Multiple Photos
If you hold down the shutter button on the screen, it will take a burst of photos. This allows a slightly greater chance of capturing a moment everyone is happy with, maybe. 

Spirit Level Apple
5. Turn Your Phone Into a Spirit Level
If you swipe left on the Compass app, it becomes a level to help you hang pictures and satisfy your curiosity as to just how uneven the table is. 

Shake Phone for edit menu Apple
6. Shake Your Phone For Edit Menu
If you make a mistake, when writing up a message, email or note or editing a photo, shake your phone - in a cartoon mad man way - and the edit menu will come up allowing you to undo your work or cancel altogether. 

Screenshot Apple
7. Taking A Screen Shot
Hold down the home button and the top right button to capture the moment on screen. I find this particularly useful as reminders for things to do that I find online. 

custom vibrations Apple
8. Customisable Vibrations
Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration  and you can assign a new vibration your contacts to allow you to feel who's calling.