We Now Sell Laptops!

We Now Sell Laptops!

We now sell Laptops!

We are very happy and excited to announce that we now stock various laptops for sale. With some great models up for sale on our website such as the HP Pavilion Notebook, Lenovo Yoga and The Acer Aspire.

HP Pavilion X360

This device has a very impressive build quality. With this device you're looking at a very lightweight laptop in terms of specs here. Powered by a low-energy Intel Celeron CPU, usability and value are the orders of the day. The display folds from closed like a normal laptop all the way around so that it's open flat against the back of the machine – just about 360 degrees, hence the name.

Internally this machine has an Intel Celeron N2820 processor, which is dual-core and runs at 2.13GHz (it's capable of increasing to 2.39GHz for some intensive applications).

Acer ASPIRE V3-572PG 

The Aspire V3 is a 15.6-inch laptop, with an attractive looking black plastic chassis that does a great job of looking classy and keeping the cost down. It's not too weighty either, and at 2.5kg it's light enough to carry when needed, just maybe not all day.

Internally you'll find a second-generation Intel Core i5-2450 2.5GHz processor, which is an excellent model that's rarely to be found on such a low-cost laptop. The processor is extremely high with top end performance.

Lenovo Yoga 500-14ISK 

The Lenovo Yoga 500-14ISK is a solid 14-inch convertible for multiple usage scenarios. If you are already looking for a convertible, you probably know how you will use it. Comfortable surfing in tablet or stand mode.

Inside find an Intel Core i5 6200U (2.3GHz) or a Core i7 6500U (2.5GHz) with 4GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive, with Microsoft’s Windows 10 installed to the computer out of the box ready to go. Our review unit featured the Core i5 variant, but that’s the main difference found in the Yoga 500, with processor model making up the changes.