The biggest Apple event of the year is here

The biggest Apple event of the year is here

What can you expect from the 34th Worldwide Developers Conference?

Big news for Apple iPhone lovers everywhere: the 34th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is taking place from June 5th to June 9th 2023. Whether this is your first time keeping tabs on the WWDC, or you’re a frequent fan of the event, we’re here to let you know what you can expect from this high-priority Apple event, and what it might mean for the refurbished mobile phones of the future.

What is the WWDC? 

The WWDC is Apple’s annual event that gives primary software developers, engineers, and technology enthusiasts the chance to be the first to hear about new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates, while also providing a chance to hear from Apple engineers for an inside look at how these new systems work. They also have a host of new hardware products that are announced at this time, with past events seeing the unveiling of the M2 Macbook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, to name a couple. Historically, attendees have had to pay over $1500 for the event, but the new online format makes it free for anyone to attend and get a closer look at the latest and greatest Apple innovations.

What can we expect? 

In the run up to the WWDC, there’s a lot of industry buzz about what the latest announcements from Apple will be at the event, and this year’s no different.

Rumours suggest that Apple will finally unveil the AR/VR headset, giving developers the time they need to design apps and experiences specially built to support this new platform, ready to use upon its launch later this year. From this, we can expect features such as both augmented and virtual reality capabilities – complete with a quick-switch toggle, an external battery pack, 4K micro-OLED displays, gesture-based control method with no physical controller, iris scanning, and more.

Many tech enthusiasts also predict the reveal of the new, larger 15-inch MacBook Air as the first in a line of similar products which may include an updated 13-inch MacBook Air and an all-new 13-inch MacBook Pro. While the 15-inch MacBook Air is the only one that’s suggested to be revealed at this event, we’ll certainly have our eyes peeled for future announcements of the other products in the range at other, similar events.

The biggest innovation announcements at the WWDC are usually to do with software. At this year’s event, we believe we will hear about the launch of iOS 17. While this is unlikely to be the massive industry-changer the iOS 16 was with its all-new lock screen, it’s been hinted that this new version of the iOS will bring users the features many of us have been asking about for quite some time, including a ‘Smart Display’ lock screen for when the phone is horizontal, new Health app functions, and improvements to essential apps like Find My, Apple Music, and more.

For Apple Watch users, there’s an even bigger software update rumoured to be on its way for announcement at the WWDC. While there’s no hardware changes to the Apple Watch this time, the watchOS 10 is projected to bring a whole new level of functionality to your device, such as a new widget system, customisable buttons, and a more intuitive home screen layout.

What does this mean for refurbished mobile phones?

If you’re a casual tech user, you may be wondering why the WWDC is such a big deal. After all – the event is catered to developers, to ensure they have the time and foresight to create apps and companion products that work well with the new software and hardware. But the WWDC brings changes to the likes of you and I, too. With every new Apple update, announcement, product launch, or software release, there are two main changes: functionality and demand. As the functionality of the devices change, they’re sometimes less compatible with previous models, which leaves Apple device owners with devices that either run slowly, have bugs, or are unable to update to the newest version at all. This, in turn (and paired with the excitement of all the new announcements) creates demand for the latest and greatest Apple iPhone and other devices, so users can experience the new software features at their very best.

For those of us who prefer to shop around for refurbished mobile phones, rather than just grabbing a new iPhone the moment its announced, this is actually good news. The more people decide to upgrade their used mobile phones and other Apple devices, the more likely they are to trade them in to our team at 4gadgets to be refurbished, fixed up, and sold on for a whole new life. And that’s where our customers come in. With the demand shifting, we’re able to offer those in the market for a refurbished iPhone a better deal, while still giving you the opportunity to grab yourself a mobile phone that’s compatible with all those new, exciting features you heard about at the WWDC – just at less of a cost (for you, and the planet!)

The WWDC brings everyone from tech enthusiasts to primary developers the opportunity to take a peek into Apple’s vault and get a little preview of all the incredible innovation to come. This is sure to unveil some must-have features, better functionality, and an altogether more exciting world of Apple. For us at 4gadgets, the WWDC also gives us an opportunity to to reshuffle our product offering, making sure we’re still giving you the very best deals on all the greatest tech.