Blog #3- 4Gadgets TV

Blog #3- 4Gadgets TV

4Gadgets TV

There’s been strong debate in the 4Gadgets office this week over what mobile phone camera has the best video function. The main reason we were debating is because we have created a video on our Youtube channel that shows customers just how to easy it is to send their handsets back to us if they ever find a problem. Over the coming weeks we are going to be adding lots of different content to the channel, from little tips on how to use your Samsung to answers to FAQs relating directly to our product. What better way to explain to our customers who buy used mobile phones from us how easy the service is by creating lots of videos to help them along the way. We may still be stars of the screen yet!

The first video was shot using an iPhone 6 and can be viewed below. I was surprised just how good the HD clarity was when transferring it to Youtube, so maybe I will shoot all the videos on this. If you have any recommendations then please do let me know!

How To Return Your Handset To 4Gadgets

Thanks for reading and i'll keep you updated on future videos!