Xbox Series X - Is it better than the PS5?

Xbox Series X - Is it better than the PS5?

The Xbox Series X is now available for pre-order. We now know as much as we are likely to know about Microsoft’s latest offering to the video game console market before it officially launches, and it’s seemingly well worth getting excited for.


Similar to the PlayStation, there are 2 variants of the console available at launch; The Xbox Series X, the core console and the most powerful of the two offerings. The second console is the Xbox Series S – A digital only console that is half the size. This of course, comes at a much cheaper price than the standard offering.

The Series X itself is a matt black, rectangular yet sleek obelisk. It looks very impressive, even if some people online are already likening it to a small dustbin. No design is safe from the internet, not even a conglomerate such as Microsoft. The Series S is a much more compact, rectangular white console, as to be expected from the digital version of the console that boasts a few less features, not to mention having no DVD drive.

Tech specs (for those of us that way inclined) brag of 4K Native resolution with up to 120fps on the Xbox Series X, while the Xbox Series S targets 1440p resolution with 120fps. Still no slouch, but hardcore games will probably want to fork out the extra for the more powerful Series X.

Microsoft have always beaten out Sony with backwards compatibility capabilities, and this generation is no different. The Xbox Series X not only allows any of the previous gen games to be played, but it also utilises the Series X hardware for the previous games, meaning faster load times and frame rates. The Xbox Series X is even compatible with Xbox One accessories and peripherals! Sony PlayStation have finally included backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 5 for PS4 games only, so Microsoft do clearly get the victory in this regard.


Xbox fans won’t be completely blown away by the new controller, it does look very much like more of the same. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, Xbox fans will be very much of the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mindset, and Microsoft seem to have taken that idea and run with it.

Microsoft really aren’t making as much of a fuss of the Xbox controller as Sony are with the PS5. The new features seem to be a ‘share button’, similar to that seen on the DualShock 4, textured grips on the bumpers and triggers, and an updated D-Pad for extra control. Microsoft seem to have left the controller as an afterthought, and Sony definitely seem to win on this point.

Xbox Series X Release Date and Price

With the Xbox Series X and S now both officially launched, we know the exact pricing points for both consoles. The Series X is priced at £449.99, and the Series S is £249.99. Interestingly, Microsoft are also offering an “Xbox All Access” payment plan, which nets you a console and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate, for just £28.99 a month for 24 months, with no upfront deposit required. An outstanding offer, and one lots of people are sure to take up. Interestingly, the PlayStation 5 is priced at the exact same price point of £449.99, so they cannot be separated here. With an equal amount of points, as always, it looks as if the console war is going to simply boil down to your personal preference.

The Xbox Series X does seem to be a worthy successor to the outstanding current Microsoft Xbox One. Want to get a bargain on a refurbished Xbox? 4Gadgets sell a range of second hand Xbox consoles at low prices. Free delivery and 12 months warranty as standard.