Where is the best place to buy a used mobile phone in 2021?

Where is the best place to buy a used mobile phone in 2021?

What are the benefits of buying a used phone?

There are many bonuses when buying second hand phones over a brand new one, the main ones being:

You are protecting the environment

From 2007-2017 more than 7 billion new mobile phones were produced. In 2020, there are thought to be 5.2 billion people with access to a mobile device. So, what happened to the additional 1.8 billion devices? Unfortunately, a lot will have ended up in landfill or discarded. Creating a brand-new mobile phone also uses a lot of fossil fuels and raw materials which is totally unsustainable. For more information on this, 4Gadgets have had a more indepth look at the environmental impact of buying a new phone.

The refurbished phone market is on the rise however, meaning these phones can be given a second lease of life and be moved on to a new, loving owner. Second hand mobile phone websites such as 4Gadgets provide quality used phones being responsibly refurbished and giving the device a second lifecycle, meaning less new phones created and less phones going to landfill.

You are saving yourself money

This is usually a deal-maker for people when looking at buying a used phone. Second hand phones are often much cheaper than buying a phone brand new, and the quality is just as good. When buying from a responsible refurbisher such as 4Gadgets, who’s on-site workshop is affiliated with Samsung, you know you are getting a top-quality device, just at a fraction of the price.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at a couple of examples of what you can save below:

Apple iPhone 11 – New RRP: £599.99 – 4Gadgets Price from: £429.99
Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra 5G – New RRP: £1199.99 – 4Gadgets Price from: £519.99
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – New RRP 1229.99 – 4Gadgets Price from: £599.99

What is the best company to buy a used phone from?

4Gadgets are one of the UK’s leading second hand phone retailers. With a wide range of pre-loved phones available, you are sure to find your next phone at a bargain price. With a 5 star TrustPilot score, 12 months warranty and free next day delivery and returns, you are sure to be happy with your order.

In 2021, buying a used phone is simply the only choice for consumers. With the prices of new phones creeping higher and higher, and the environmental crisis worsening, more and more people are looking to buying refurbished phones and shopping responsibly. Once you have purchased a pre-loved phone from 4Gadgets, why not sell your old phone for some extra cash?