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Nokia Lumia 735 Black


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Lumia 735 black - Share Life Uncropped

Featuring a 5 MP Full HD front camera with wide-angle lens, the Lumia 735 lets you capture the whole picture like never before. More friends in your group selfies, more family in your Skype calls, more action behind you – more of you. It’s the social-sharer’s dream and with 4G connectivity you can now share it even faster.

Say Hello to Cortana, Your Very Own Personal Assistant

Cortana is built into the Lumia 735. Cortana is your very own personal assistant and can help you with simple things like sending texts and setting reminders. But she also learns about your interests and keeps you in the loop. She can find local events you might like, help you pick a restaurant, alert you if your flight’s been delayed and also if your sports team has just won.

Pretty Useful

With a 4.7" HD display and a range of vivid colours the Lumia 735 fits in with you. It has a Quad Core processor and 1 GB of RAM so you can play all the latest games and watch your favourite videos. Storing all this content is no problem, there is 8 GB of memory, plus a microSD slot so you can expand by up to 128 GB. Add to that the wireless charging capability and you have a smartphone that's built for life.