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New OnePlus smartphones may sit at the more affordable end of the market, but this isn’t to say that users should settle for anything less than excellence when they invest in one of these nifty pieces of technology.

You’ll still get all of your favourite premium features – such as facial recognition, a speedy OS and extra-long battery life – but you’ll be paying a lot less than you expect.

OnePlus is a little different from many other phone manufacturers in that it only markets one device at a time. This means that customers who are looking for a different or perhaps older model will need to turn to the second hand market to find what they’re looking for. However, as you can see from our excellent range of used OnePlus phones, this doesn’t mean that the quality or condition of the handset should be compromised in any way. When you buy a second hand, used OnePlus phone from 4Gadgets, you should still expect to receive a device that performs brilliantly.

All of our used OnePlus phones have been checked by our team and then graded according to their condition; you can then decide whether you want a phone that looks Acceptable, Good, Excellent or Pristine, and the price of your handset will increase according to each grade. You’ll also find refurbished OnePlus phones along with new handsets. We really cater for everyone’s needs here at 4Gadgets!

For more information on our range of second hand OnePlus phones, including the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5, simply click on the device on this page and you’ll be able to read a full list of specs for each product.