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Enjoy a critically-acclaimed Pixel phone from Google without splashing out hundreds of pounds for the privilege. 4Gadgets has a wide range of used and refurbished Google phones on offer to ensure that the latest technology from these tech industry giants remains affordable for everyone.

The Pixel and Pixel XL models have been met by rave reviews from technology experts. They boast a range of exclusive features, including unlimited Google Photos storage - a must for keen digital photographers. The high-performance camera is fast and slick, and Google has even tried hard to appeal to iPhone fans by bundling in the option to setup and transfer data from your Apple device with ease.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a brand new phone to make the most of everything the Google Pixel can offer. Here, you can find second hand Google phones that are much cheaper than those advertised on the high street, yet they’re still in fantastic condition.

Click on each product for more information about your preferred refurbished Google Pixel phone. All of the product specifications will be clearly listed so you know what you’re getting from your used or refurbished handset, and you can choose the colour, storage capacity and condition of your device. With most of our second hand Google Pixels, you’ll also be able to decide whether you want your phone to be connected to a particular network, or unlocked so you can organise an agreement with your preferred provider. 

You’ll find it hard to pick faults in any Google Pixel handset. Discover why these smartphones are a real contender in the communications space – buy a used Google Pixel today from 4Gadgets!