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At 4Gadgets we supply second hand and refurbished mobile phones – quality checked by professionals to ensure everything is in working order. A high quality second hand phone can be just as good as a brand new one but without paying the high price tag.

How Do I Know The Phone I Purchase Will Work Properly?

At 4Gadgets we only sell phones that have been thoroughly checked, analysed and assed by our technology experts. Each handset is quality rated using our A, B and C grading system. All devices are tested for numerous technological functions as well as their exterior condition. Some of the tests our handsets go through include:

- Checks on IMEI (against lost / stolen database)

- Case condition

- Screen condition / touch screen working

- Buttons

- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera and microphone

- Battery

- Ports (headphone, charger, USB)

With such thorough testing in place customers can rest assured that their second hand phone will be everything they expect and more.

What If I have a Problem With my Purchase?

We are sure you’ll be ecstatic with your second hand device, but should there be any problems at all we offer;

- A full 14 day money back guarantee

- A 12 month warranty

- Prepaid returns envelopes for free, tracked, insured returns

At 4Gadgets we provide customers peace of mind with a simple, easy to use returns policy without any complicated forms, postage or added costs.

About Our Brands

We stock several great makes and models of phones so there is a wide variety to choose from.

Apple – The most recognisable and popular brand of phone on the market with a number of models on offer. We stock an assortment of IPhones of different type, colour, storage capacity and network all graded by their condition.

Blackberry – This classic phone brand is still popular amongst city workers and businessmen. Stocked and sold in a range of models and options.

Google – Taking the smartphone industry by storm this brand of phone can set buyers back more than a pretty penny. We have a wide range of handsets available to purchase second hand without compromising on quality.

HTC – Known for their durable, feature packed phones this brand offers brilliant technology at competitive prices. With an assortment of models in stock customers can get a great phone without breaking the bank.

Huawei – This forward thinking technology brand strives to produce phones that rival apple and android but without the high price tag.

LG – Combining cutting edge technology with sleek design this brand produces phones that provide users with all the benefits of an expensive smart phone but within budget.

One Plus – Sitting at the more affordable end of the market this brand produces nifty little phones that still provide premium features but at a much lower price.

Samsung – Having produced some of the most innovative smartphones on the market this brand provides industry leading technology at more affordable prices for consumers.

Sony – Designed for customers who love media on the move this brand produces phones that deliver solid specs and enticing features on a low budget.

No matter what brand of phone you decide we are sure that at 4Gadgets we have the right handset for you at a price that you will love.