Wednesday, 20th June, 2018 - 13:03

Almost everyone uses Instagram these days. Whether it is uploading photos of your cat, or filming a gig, it’s a huge presence in the social media market. Instagram seem to be looking to expand even more to take a piece of Youtube’s monopoly, by allowing longer videos to be uploaded to the platform.



Rumoured to be named IGTV (and sounding like a kid’s TV channel), Instagram will contain a place that you can upload videos up to “an hour in length”, although, Instagram themselves seem to recommend only utilising videos for around “10 minutes”. Meaning no more spamming your stories or timelines with hundreds of short videos when filming a lengthy piece.


It will launch with videos from prominent content creators and companies, which will utilise all the new features to show it off to the public. It will be based in the “explore” tab of the normal Instagram app, meaning no need to download yet another new application.


Tuesday, 12th June, 2018 - 14:22

In line with our new stock of Galaxy Books, we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6, seeing why this fantastic 2 in 1 hybrid gadget is an essential addition to replace your tired old Laptop or Tablet.



Right off the bat, the first thing to say about the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 is that it is a beautiful device. The sleek silver and grey colours give it a very premium look. The device also has an S pen and Keyboard cover, making it ideal for professionals that like to get the most out of their device. These are included with the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 as standard, which is a very nice touch.

Friday, 16th March, 2018 - 13:13

With the rumoured release date of early 2018, the OnePlus 6 is on the horizon. We take a look at some of the features rumoured to be included. With specs rumoured to beat even the Samsung S9, the Oneplus 6 looks like a very exciting device indeed.

The above screenshots are ‘leaked’ by AnTuTu via Android Central and show the OnePlus 6 to have an iPhone X style ‘Notch’ in the screen, as well as a fingerprint scanner located below a dual camera, similar to that seen on the S9+. Admittedly the screenshots are leaks so aren’t 100% confirmed, but it does look like a very sleek and modern device.


Tuesday, 27th February, 2018 - 16:55

Now we have confirmation that the S9 and S9+ are available for pre-order, for release on the 16th of March. So, should you get one on release?


Second Hand Phones - Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus available, used or refurbished.


The Samsung S9 and S9+ at first glance, don’t look too dissimilar to the previous iteration of Samsung’s S range, the S8 and S8+. It’s when you take a closer look at some aspects of the phone, you notice the real differences.


The fingerprint scanner has been relocated, after a lot of complaints about the location on the S8 and S8+. It is now located slightly below the camera, meaning less stretching to find it, and no more accidentally smudging your camera lens trying to unlock your phone. This is a welcome change, but it’s the Camera itself where the S9 and S9+ show their real improvements.


Tuesday, 20th February, 2018 - 13:04

Although the rumoured release date for the Apple iPhone SE 2 is up in the air currently, this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from churning. There are plenty of concepts and ideas flying around and we will look at one of the most interesting designs.


Although the rumoured release date for the Apple iPhone SE 2 is up in the air currently, this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from churning. There are plenty of concepts and ideas flying around and we will look at one of the most interesting designs.






Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 - 12:10


With the announcement just around the corner on February 26th, the world is preparing for the next Samsung Galaxy phone to be unveiled, the S9 and S9+.


Aesthetically, it looks remarkably similar to the S8 and S8+. The LCD is rumoured to be 5.8 inches on the S9, and 6.2 inches on the S9+. It will still include the now famous ‘Infinity Display’, which still does look remarkable. The bezels will have also been slightly reduced, lending to more viable screen space. Also, the S8’s controversial fingerprint scanner location seems like it will be moved to beneath the camera, as seen on LG & Huawei phones (among others) meaning less stretching to unlock your phone.


Tuesday, 19th December, 2017 - 09:02

Just a quick update for our customers in 2017. Here are our opening times over the holiday period. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22nd December - Normal hours, shipping with FREE Saturday delivery

23rd December - Closed

24th December - Closed

25th December - Closed

26th December - Closed

27th December - 10am to 4pm – Next Day Delivery if ordered by 3pm

28th December – 10am to 4pm – Next Day Delivery if ordered by 3pm

​29th December – 10am to 4pm – Next Day Delivery if ordered by 3pm

​30th December – Closed

​31st December – Closed

1st January – Closed

2nd January – Back to business as usual!

Tuesday, 12th December, 2017 - 15:01

Win a Fantastic Bundle of Samsung Products!

Just in time for Christmas, we bring you our latest competition. One very lucky winner will receive a fantastic bundle of goods, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Phone
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Make your Christmas extra special by getting involved! There are also discount vouchers available to a few runners up, so don’t delay!


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Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 - 14:43


Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, and time is running out to get that perfect gift! Luckily at 4Gadgets, we have you covered.


We have extended our returns policy up until January 9th! Meaning you can return any order for a different device or a full refund, anytime between now and January 9th (usually 14 days only). Ideal for getting that early Christmas present sorted and covering you for longer, for any last minute changes of mind!


Let us help make someone’s Christmas and give your loved one a gadget they won’t forget.

Thursday, 23rd November, 2017 - 17:38


Black Friday is here, and we are delighted to finally unveil our amazing offers and savings. With discounts, vouchers and competitions, it’s going to be our biggest giveaway yet! Starting Black Friday, the 24th November.


Firstly, we are offing a HUGE £25 off of EVERYTHING on the site! Been holding on for an amazing price on second hand phones? Now is the time to get it.




Not only that, we are also giving a few random orders over black Friday a discount voucher code, offering an extra discount on your next purchase from us! Simply place an order over the Black Friday period to be eligible, and check your e-mail to see if you were one of the lucky winners! Refurbished phones never looked so good!