Wednesday, 29th July, 2020 - 10:09

Why buying refurbished phones saves the planet. An in-depth look from 4Gadgets.

It’s safe to say, mobile phones are a huge part of everyday life. Whether you are sitting at a bus stop, a coffee shop or even at home surrounded by the family, you are sure to see someone glued to a screen. They are a vital lifeline for a lot of people, many people will not even be able to even remember a time before they came along! But what is often overlooked is the environmental impact of the production of a Phone. How much does it really cost to produce a brand-new device for you to scroll through Instagram, and how can buying used phones help offset this always increasing amount of e-Waste?

Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020 - 13:49

Unless you have been completely cut off from the outside world, you have probably gotten wind of the upcoming OnePlus Nord. The hype for this device has been unlike any other mobile phone recently released. But what was the hype about, and after the announcement on 21/07/20, was it justified?

Oneplus Nord 5G - What do we know after the announcement?

Tuesday, 7th July, 2020 - 16:01

Microsoft’s Xbox series X does look like quite the powerhouse, it is an 8K console that was originally previewed at E3 2019 and now confirmed to go on sale towards the end of this year. The new console is said to be four times more powerful than the original Xbox One X, so it looks like the PlayStation 5 has big competition.

XBOX Series X - EVERYTHING you need to know.

What’s New?

The new Xbox will have an all-new tall tower design and a redesigned wireless controller. Gamers will experience more time playing and less time waiting, as loading times will greatly be decreased thanks to the processing power of the new Xbox.

The console will also feature a ‘Whisper-quiet’ fan as part of the parallel cooling architecture the fan keeps the Xbox internal components cool without disturbing your game play.

Friday, 3rd July, 2020 - 15:18

Are you finding that your iPhone battery is just about lasting you from sun-up to sundown? This is quite a common issue in recent years as smartphones cannot go a few days on one charge like they could a decade ago.

Of course, we do now use our hand-held devices for a lot more than the occasional text message or call, so ensuring that one charge does the job of lasting the whole day can be tricky. In this article we will highlight some of our favorite hacks to help save your Apple iPhone’s battery throughout the day.

Tuesday, 23rd June, 2020 - 13:10

At last night’s Apple WWDC20, we learnt so much about what’s to come in Apples next generation of tech. Here’s a quick run through of what we gained from the event…

At last night’s Apple WWDC20, we learnt so much about what’s to come in Apples next generation of tech. Here’s a quick run through of what we gained from the event…

Apple didn't unveil the iPhone 12 to succeed the iPhone 11 just yet but we got an exclusive look into the operating system it will use. The new iPhone update is likely come with later this year. Developers won't have to wait as the iOS 14 beta is already available to download.

So, what's new on iOS 14?

Thursday, 18th June, 2020 - 13:53

An App that is proven to help children with ADHD

App-reciation - Apps that can do powerful and useful things to aid lifestyles from your mobile phone

Aimed at ages 8-12, the team at Akili Interactive have developed an iOS game for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad called “EndeavorRx” that is clinically proven to help kids with ADHD. Currently only in the available in the US, the app has even been given approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which will allow it to be prescribed by doctors.



Friday, 22nd May, 2020 - 15:46

You might be surprised at the winner!

Top 5 bestselling refurbished tablets of 2020 so far

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. With Coronavirus at the forefront of everyone’s mind, people are finding themselves isolated indoors. With the use of video chat programmes booming so that people can stay in touch, tablet usage has soared. This article will list a breakdown of our most popular tablets of 2020 (so far) so you can ensure you are buying the most suitable tablet for you. So without further ado, let's take a look at the list!


#5 – Apple iPad Pro (2018) 12.9”

Friday, 15th May, 2020 - 16:30

To tackle COVID-19 nationally, the government are looking into ways we can Test, Track and Trace the virus, so we can manage and eventually eradicate it fully. Among other strategies, contact tracing is seen as one of the key remedies to help the UK remove itself from lockdown and above all, save lives.

Officials also hope the new tracing tool will dramatically slow the transmission of coronavirus by tracking each and every case of it, and in turn, minimising the probability of a second infection wave. The 'NHS COVID-19’ tracing app is one of the government’s next big areas of focus, after beginning trials of the app on the Isle of Wight early this month, ready for roll-out in the coming weeks.

Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer has stated "It’s highly unlikely the Covid-19 virus is going to go away”, and that “Testing and contact tracing is going to have to become part of our daily lives in the future”. That being the case, our nation will need to trust the proposed 'NHS COVID-19’ app in order to help beat the virus.

What is contact tracing?

Tuesday, 12th May, 2020 - 16:36

With the Coronavirus sparking uncertainty in just about all areas of the world right now, we understand why some people are nervous to start combatting the virus using new, unknown methods such as the 'NHS COVID-19’ app. However, by the time you finish reading this article we hope you’ll have gained more understanding about what the app is and how safe your data will be.

Ministers see it as a key element in their ‘test, track and trace’ strategy to stop the spread of the disease and to enable easing of the lockdown restrictions. The app has purely been developed to tackle and control the virus in hope that it helps us all get back to normality, sooner rather than later, making it an option definitely worth pursuing.

Has the app been trialled & tested?

Yes, the app is currently being tested on the Isle of Wight before becoming nationally available by the end of the month.

Wednesday, 6th May, 2020 - 16:56

With COVID-19 putting our lives on hold in these difficult times, we all know how important it is to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. After hearing that the Government is looking to launch a tracking app to help control the pandemic here in the UK, it’s got us all thinking more positively about the current situation and how we can help. The fundamental purpose of the app is to alert the user if they come into near contact with other users who may be displaying symptoms. This is done via Bluetooth and is called contact tracing.

The ultimate goal is to use methods such as this to support the cause and positively move us, as a nation, out of lockdown and towards a safe and secure future. To understand exactly what the app does, we have highlighted some key areas and questions you may be interested in.

What is contact tracing?