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With many people replacing their mobile phones every two years, the turn over for quality used phones is high. While many people have old black and white mobiles knocking around, nowadays there are many decent cheap smartphones going spare. Keen tech-lovers may even replace their phone every six months, particularly if there’s some slight damage to it.

Refurbished phones - the best quality cheap phones from 4Gadgets

If a decent smart phone has minor damage to it, a good refurbisher can make it look like new. Whether it’s a cracked screen or faulty LCD display, they are easy to put in working order again. This is the most environmentally sound option, not to mention giving people to chance to enjoy great technology at a cheaper price.

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Apple are one of the most well-known brands in the world. Stylish, innovative and fun, their products have long revolutionised the technology world.

Arrangement of Apple Products, including an iPad Mini - Why should you buy an iPad Mini?

Why buy an iPad?

It’s no wonder so many people queue round the block when Apple have a new product out. Their designs are a rare combination of both style and substance, as well as accessibility. Steve Jobs very much understood the importance of this: ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'

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Mobile phones have come a long way since 2000. Many even feel nostalgic about the days of playing snake on their old Nokia 3210.

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What phones get refurbished?

As mobile phones continue to evolve, newer models can become outdated in a short space of time. We all know those tech-lovers who upgrade their phone as soon as the latest technology comes along. And how many of us have obsolete mobile phones, knocking around in our drawers? Whether they have a cracked screen or a dodgy keyboard, sought after models are often worth refurbishing.

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It seems like only yesterday that tablets first hit the markets. Now they are some of the highest-tech devices around, and some suppliers even sell refurbished tablets.

Apple iPad with keyboard - do you want to buy a refurbished tablet?

We’ve even now gotten to the point where we can be nostalgic about technology and its uses. Anyone around in the 1980s could be nostalgic about making mix-tapes, while 90s kids reminiscence about the now diminishing pre-eminence of the CD. It’s also interesting to speculate on the technology which never really made it big. Mini-disco players, anyone?

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Are you looking for a trustworthy, second hand tablet that you can buy online with free delivery and warranty?

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What is a Tablet?

Refurbished Tablet computer sales have recently been taking a bite out of second hand laptop sales. When Steve Jobs first presented his Apple iPad to the world there may have first been some trepidation. However, it wasn’t long before it established itself as a highly viable consumer product. Today many companies are competing to create the most tech-savvy, advanced tablets available.

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