What is 5G and how much of the country is 5G ready?

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 - 17:14

What is 5G and where is 5G available?

You might not believe it, but the evolution from 1G to 5G started way back in 1979! And the world had to wait 10 years after 4G was first launched before 5G came along. But what exactly is 5G anyway? How is 5G better than 4G? Where is 5G available in the UK? And most importantly, which of our top-quality refurbished phones are 5G ready? Our blog will look at these answers and the current trends around 5G.

What is 5G and why is 5G better than 4G?

1G gave us analogue telecommunications, 2G then created an explosion in the use of text messaging to communicate. 3G introduced mobile and wireless internet connection, before 4G upped the game with Cloud, IP, and truly mobile broadband. So how can 5G possibly add to that list of mobile advancements?

Firstly, 5G is a lot faster than 4G, at least at what is called ‘peak speeds’ when there is very little to interfere with the bandwidth capability. In these circumstances 5G can be up to 20 times faster than 4G. That means you could download 10 movies with 5G in the time it takes for 4G to download half of one!

5G doesn’t necessarily let you do anything you can’t already do with 4G. It just improves everything 4G does by some margin. Websites load faster, online mobile games won’t lag nearly as much, and you can expect smooth and realistic videos when you use social apps such as Skype and FaceTime.

Will 5G change the world?

With the recent launch of 5G in 2019, mobile phones were able to provide unlimited data capacity to users. Phones are also better connected with higher transmission speeds, lower latency, and lower power requirements. And anything that makes batteries last longer is a win in our books!

But the main purpose behind 5G is to support the growing number of devices, including phones and tablets, that demand reliable internet access. Fleets of devices being used at one time by businesses, especially based in large cities, demand so much bandwidth that 4G simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Since the launch of 4G in 2009, there has been an explosion of phone and tablet use. Mobile networks in 2021 need to carry as much as 300 times more traffic as they did in 2011. By using different antennas and operating on higher frequencies, 5G mobile networks can connect more devices at once faster.

When will 5G be nationwide?

The first thing you ask before choosing a 5G-ready phone is, “where is 5G available in the UK?”. Well, not everywhere yet. Rollout only began in 2020, with EE being the first to offer it in the UK. All the big three network providers have coverage, but only in certain cities. So look at your provider and location.

There have been several 5G network deployment challenges to deal with. Due to the type of signal that 5G towers emit, the reach is limited. That means more towers are needed. 5G is also more easily blocked by trees and buildings. Getting around that problem for providers comes up against regulations.

EE is tipped to become the UK’s biggest 5G mobile network provider in the next few years. EE has 5G live in 160 places and plans to cover the whole country by 2028. O2 now reaches 20 UK cities, Vodafone is available at 100 locations, and various other networks are joining them in the race to be 5G ready.

Which of our phones are 5G ready?

We have a massive range of refurbished phones, several of which are top quality secondhand Samsung phones that are 5G ready. Here’s the top 5G phones we have available right now for you to buy!

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in Cloud Blue

Fully unlocked to work on any network, our secondhand Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phone is a great introduction to the benefits of accessing 5G. Comes with 128GB of storage, a 6.2” Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, and an incredible 12MP ultra-wide rear camera.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G in Cosmic Black

Available from under £400, our Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is 5G ready and crammed full of features. As with all our phones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is fully tested to make sure everything is in perfect working order, and all our phones come with 12 months warranty and free next day delivery.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in Phantom Silver

With a 6.8” Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen and S Pen support, our used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G gives you an amazingly modern android phone experience. And with 5G in your pocket, your videos and apps perform and download even faster than before.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Prism Dot in White

For as little as £165, our refurbished Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Prism Dot in White takes full advantage of its 5G capability. You can enjoy super-smooth gaming and streaming, and super-fast sharing and downloading. We think it’s an absolute bargain for your next choice of phone upgrade!

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