Refurbished Phones with Warranty

Monday, 18th May, 2015 - 09:18

Mobile phones have come a long way since 2000. Many even feel nostalgic about the days of playing snake on their old Nokia 3210.

As mobile phones continue to evolve, newer models can become outdated in a short space of time. We all know those tech-lovers who upgrade their phone as soon as the latest technology comes along. And how many of us have obsolete mobile phones, knocking around in our drawers? Whether they have a cracked screen or a dodgy keyboard, sought after models are often worth refurbishing.

For those interested in buying an iPhone at a reasonable price, it’s often best to look for one refurbished. Especially since so many phone users are willing to sell. Even the first generation of iPhone have a number of fantastic features, which users love.

When buying a refurbished phone of any make, it’s important to buy from a trusted buyer. Although refurbished iPhones are cheaper than their new counterparts, they may still have issues from the previous owner. You must take into account screen damage, battery life and the phone’s memory capacity.

Our phones come with a whopping 180 day warranty. Not only that, all our products are tested by a team of qualified engineers.

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