Mario set to jump onto iPhone this Christmas

Wednesday, 14th December, 2016 - 09:23

Yes, you heard right. Our favourite Italian plumber makes his move to iPhone in a brand new adventure this Christmas, and from what we can tell it looks to be a pretty decent game.

Designed to be a side scrolling platform game in which Mario constantly runs, you have to make him jump over obstacles and avoid enemies and traps to reach the final flag pole. With easy controls it looks to be a simple but fun game using just one hand to tap and make Mario jump. Depending on how you tap the screen, Mario will jump in different ways so it will be completely down to you to keep him safe and gather up all those coins as he sprints through each level.

Lets take a look at some of the game modes.

World Tour

  • Run and jump through the levels to reach Princess Peach from the evil Bowser
  • Journey through caves, plains, airships, castles and many more settings including a haunted house!
  • There are 6 worlds to journey through over 24 brand new levels all designed to be easy to play with just one hand

Toad Rally

  • Show off Mario’s acrobatic skills and compete against other players, from your friends to people all across the world.
  • There is a challenge mode where every time you play the competition differs.
  • Compete for the high score by performing stylish jumps while you gather coins and try to impress the crowd of cheering Toads. Impress them enough and they will come to live in your kingdom!
  • Perform enough stylish moves and you will fill up your style gauge and be able to launch into ‘coin rush’ mode.
  • To play this mode you will need to acquire Rally Tickets from either clearing worlds or bonus games in your kingdom

Kingdom Builder

  • Gather Toads and coins to build your very own kingdom
  • Use the buildings and decorations that you acquire in Toad Rally to create your very own kingdom
  • With help from the friendly Toads you impressed through Toad Rally you can build and customise your kingdom to make it look how you want it to and let your imagination run wild.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a big Mario fan or someone who has yet to experience the joys of the mushroom kingdom this game will suit your gamer needs.

Mario Run is set to be released on 15/12/2016.