iPhone 7: Post release review

Wednesday, 21st September, 2016 - 15:14


On September 7 Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, alongside the bigger iPhone 7 Plus. The new iPhone brags a better camera, a new, super-speedy processor, two new colour options and water/dust proofing. This model was released on 16 September after a successful week of pre-orders. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone there is no doubt the iPhone 7 is the one to get performance wise. However many of the changes are slight and the price of the 7 is making the price of the 6s a more attractive proposition.  


  • More Storage on Advanced Models
  • Innovative iOS 10 Wins Massive Applause
  • Dual-lens Camera Built into Advanced iPhone 7 Plus Edition
  • Faster Next-gen A10 Chip
  • Longer Battery Life



  • Annoying Limitations in Files Transfer
  • No headphone port
  • Similar Design
  • No Breakthrough Feature
  • High Price Tag Scares Many Buyers


Following our previous blog on what to expect of the iPhone 7 prior to its release we talked about what to expect from the iPhone 7 and discussed rumours and leaks, which we have since then compared the rumours with what Apple have actually produced (shown below)

Image leaks:

Apple iPhone 7

Confirmed/Denied - All pretty accurate apart from the blue colour chassis, but design is confirmed.

Most Recent Claims/Rumours:


Four LED flash lights, up from two in the iPhone 6s . LEDs will be in cool colours, and two in warm colours, and Apple is also expected to add an ambient light sensor to the iPhone 7. - Confirmed

The iPhone 7 Plus camera will feature two 12-megapixel lenses - one wide angle, and one telephoto. The new design is expected to offer optical zoom and light field camera applications - Confirmed


A10 processor that could be as fast as 2.4GHz. - Confirmed


Waterproof to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes - a rating known as IPX7. Confirmed & Denied - The iphone is water resistant to a depth on 1 metre under water up to 30 minutes with a rating of IP67.

Redesigned pressure-sensitive click-less Home button that will provide haptic feedback to mimic a clicking sensation when the button is pressed. - Confirmed


The iPhone 7 will come in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options, eliminating both the 16GB and 64GB tiers. - Confirmed


Five colours - silver, gold, rose gold, dark black and "piano black". The glossy piano black variant could be limited in availability, so Apple is expected to focus on large-storage models for that shade. - Confirmed, the glossy black is actually named Jet Black not Piano black


Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. - Confirmed, Removed to make way for a faster processor not an extra speaker.

The iPhone 7 will reportedly ship with both Lightning EarPods and a Lightning-to-headphone adapter in the box. - Confirmed

iPhone 7 to ship with wireless 'AirPod' earphones - as headphone jack looks certain for the axe. - Denied, The airpods are not included with the handset and will cost an excess of £160 if you wnt to own a pair.

Previous Claims/Rumours: 


iPhone 7 price will be around £539 - Denied

iPhone 7 plus around: £639 - Denied

Physical design: 

Thinner than ever: removing the headphone jack - Denied, The iPhone 7 hasn't got any thinner, in fact its exactly the same size and thickness of the iphone 6/6s

Other design tweaks could include a flush camera and the removal of the antenna bars - Denied / Confirmed, Flush camera is denied as actual design is a smooth edge camera that protudes out of the casing 

all rumours and leaks suggest it might be very similar outside of a few tweaks here and there. - Confirmed, The iPhone 7 may as well be part of an 's' range as it doesnt seem there is a breakthrough feature 

Battery life: 

iPhone 7 to be a little better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in regards to battery life. - Confirmed, The battery life has improved but reports suggest only a slight improvement since the previous models.

Other features

A pressure-sensitive home button - Confirmed
Wireless charging - Denied
Dust proof - Confirmed
Water-proof - Confirmed
Improved cameras (dual on plus/pro models) - Confirmed