Blog #4: Refurbished phones and more

Monday, 13th July, 2015 - 14:35

Many of our customers may have noticed over the last few weeks that not only do 4Gadgets offer cheap used mobile phones for the best prices, is the best website to buy second hand phones but we also offer the best prices on refurbished phones also!

As if that wasn’t enough we recently rana completion on our site for a FREE iPhone 6! The competition was a great success and we will be doing a lot more of these in the future so keep checking back to see what offers we have got and what freebies we have by following the link:

Refurbished Phones - Competitions

In other news, more and more rumours about the iPhone 7 are coming out this week, so it looks like Apple are ramping up their promotion early this year! Best rumour we have heard so far is that apparently the screen for the iPhone 7 will bend! Yes you read that correctly. We will believe it when we see it!