Why Buy From 4Gadgets?

Why Buy From 4Gadgets?

Some of you may be wondering where to buy second hand phones and how you can minimise the risks associated with buying second hand.

Well, we at 4Gadgets believe that using an online retailer is one of the safest options available to the public.  Yes - you may be able to make a quick purchase at a car boot sale but there no way of assuring yourself that what you’ve bought is a legitimate working handset. Many times a lost or stolen mobile phone is purchased at a cheap price only to be subject of an account lock or blacklist after a short period of time, leaving you with a dud handset.  Even if the seller isn’t pulling a fast one, there’s no guarantee that the device has been fully tested.

Warranty:  4Gadgets rigorously test every purchase. Our confidence in our test protocol means we are able to provide 180 days warranty on all purchases. We trust our test protocol, you should to.  Alongside our 180 days warranty which covers any device that develops a fault during said period, we also offer a 14 days quibble free returns scheme whereby if for any reason you have a change of heart regarding your purchase, you can ship us the device back free of charge. However during the period, 6th-21st December, the 14 days quibble free returns scheme has been extended to 30 days to ensure any unwanted Christmas presents can be returned for a full refund!

Next Day Delivery: Nobody likes a long wait. Especially when you’re waiting for your pristine condition second hand mobile phone to be delivered! Other companies may offer a service whereby next day delivery can be selected for an additional fee, however, we at 4Gadgets don’t believe this a cost than should be passed onto the consumer. That’s why 4Gadgets offer a FREE Next Day Delivery service. Order before 15.00 to receive your parcel the NEXT DAY!

Price/Quality Trade off : Sometimes price can be an accurate reflection of quality. That’s honestly not the case at 4Gadgets. We offer the best quality used mobile phones at the cheapest prices! We believe that no other retailers scrutinise their handsets to the same extent 4Gadgets do. If there’s a smidgen of doubt whether one of our used phones is anything other than ‘Like new’, we won’t sell this gadget in ‘Pristine’ condition.

Customer Satisfaction: Nothing assures a consumer more than a series of glowing reviews regarding the seller. This is another area where 4Gadgets excel. We have firmly established ourselves at the top of TrustPilot as ‘best in category’.

Need we say anymore? If you’re looking where to buy second hand phones – 4Gadgets offer the cheapest and best quality second hand mobile phones on the market!