Watch this space!

Watch this space!

If the reports are to be believed then smartwatches could be about to play a bigger role in the world. According to global market intelligence firm IDC over a 100 million units were sold last year, which is a 25% annual increase and a big reason why many of the big fashion brands are now joining the trend. Why not get the perfect partner for your refurbished phone?

The demand for wearable tech is high with many wanting to get outdoors without the need to take their handsets and risk losing or damaging their phones. Durable, water-resistant and innovative smartwatches have finally become important.  


Here we look at the best three smart wrist wear on the market.

1 - Apple Watch Series 2

Apples second version of the most successful smart watch was a big improvement. The Series 2 is water resistant to 50-meters, has plenty of compatible apps and a beautifully bright display. For the outdoorsy type, it’s got great fitness tracking, GPS and a long battery life. As with most high end tech, there is a massive price tag, but you do generally get what you pay for.

2 - Sony Smart Watch 3

Sony’s latest wearable lets you leave your mobile at home and still have access to all your music, go exploring or running with no worries and still have enough battery for two days. The watch has intuitive Android wear and voice control to help deal with your notifications and fitness tracker and you can take the ultimate selfie with the camera control.  

3 - Samsung Gear S3

The latest offering from Samsung, the Gear S3, has by far the best battery life of any wearable with estimated four-days. It’s water-resistant up to 100-meters, has an amazing fitness tracker and GPS. It’s perfect for those looking to improve their golf swing, track their run or set a course for their bike ride. The wearable comes in two different models, the Classic and the Frontier and has a built-in speaker and Bluetooth that allows you to make and receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket.