How to be more eco-friendly in 2024

How to be more eco-friendly in 2024

As we start a new year, we have the perfect time to allow us to reflect on our values and set new goals and the tone for the coming months. Some will try to do more exercise, some may stop eating meat, while others may choose to opt for a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle in 2024. 

Not only can you be sustainable with tech by opting for refurbished or second hand devices, helping to reduce e-waste across the globe, but you can also act more sustainably with some of the apps you’re downloading on your smartphones and tablets too.

Eco-friendly apps to download on your device

Want to be more eco-conscious with the apps you’re downloading this year? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve prepared a list of apps you can download to help you think and act more sustainably – all you need is a compatible operating system. 

Download Tree App

Using the Tree App will allow you to help support reforestation efforts across the world, from the UK all the way to Tanzania. There are a number of projects across the world, and an interesting story and image gallery on each area you support. To help plant trees, you need to view three images of brands that are aligned with the eco-friendly values of the Tree App, which will allow you to plant one tree a day for free.

Download Too Good To Go

Food waste is a huge contributor to humanity’s struggle with becoming more sustainable. Using Too Good To Go allows you to order and collect food at a lower price, that restaurants and supermarkets have deemed ‘waste’ – despite being perfectly edible. 

Greggs, Costa, local cafes, and pubs, Morrisons, there are plenty of options available to purchase from. The only catch is that what you get is a surprise, so you won’t know what you’ve ordered until you collect it – aside from whether the bag is vegetarian or vegan-friendly. Prices typically range from £2 to £4, which is usually a 66% saving on usual prices. The app allows you to see how much money you’ve saved, but also how much CO2e has been avoided because of your good work.

Person looking at places to visit on smartphone Person looking at places to visit on smartphone

Download Ailuna

The Ailuna app can help you to train your brain towards a more sustainable approach to living. Start a “dare”, created by experts and backed by behavioural science that can help to shape your future self. These dares are essentially ideas for you to embark on, but you can also view community threads and get ideas from other users. Invite friends and family to join you and make it a game!

Download Caliber Strength Training

One of few fitness apps that is free to use, Caliber gives you a set of exercises to work through daily, allowing you to train your body and mind and help to maintain that eco-friendly mindset. There’s also a paid version with coaching and nutritional assistance, but the free app will certainly help you to improve both yourself and your outlook on the world around you. 

Become more eco-conscious by supporting 4gadgets

Whether you take on board one, or all of our recommendations, supporting the refurbished technology market is also a great way to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life. Trade in your old devices that are sitting in kitchen drawers or cupboards and help reduce the carbon footprint – and if you need a new device, purchase from us today and start 2024 off with all the right intentions.