Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas (2021)

Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas (2021)

It can be tough to find the right gift for Father’s Day - Dads tend to not know what they want, or even already have everything they need! One thing that we know for sure, is that most Dads love Gadgets. A refurbished phone or iPad is sure to put a smile on their face, that’s why we have compiled our Top 10 list of Father’s Day Gadget Gift ideas!

Samsung Galaxy S8
Okay, it’s a couple of years old now, but hear us out: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is still a fantastic phone. With the Infinity display, and the ability to add a memory card to expand the storage, the S8 is the ideal present for the gadget loving dad. Let’s face it, lots of dads will probably be using the same phone they have had for years, so get them an upgrade they will love!

Also consider: Samsung Galaxy S9; a bump up in specs for slightly bigger budgets. 

Apple iPhone 7
It can be hard to get out of the Apple ecosystem, and there’s a very good reason for this. Apple devices just work. With everything across all devices seamlessly linked, it can be a better option to just upgrade your dad’s Apple phone rather than a full change. The iPhone 7 still holds its own today, and is now just a fraction of the price.

Also consider: Apple iPhone 7 Plus; a larger screen for eyes that aren’t quite as good as they once were!

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Not everyone has the money to splash out on a refurbished phone for their dad, but have you thought about a Smartwatch? The Galaxy Watch is a great-looking watch, with an array of functions and apps that can be downloaded to customise it exactly how you want to. An Ideal, cost-effective gadget and a great gift for Father’s Day.

Also consider: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active; for the Dad training for the marathon, he insists he will eventually get around to!

Oneplus Nord
Want to really treat your dad this Father’s Day? The self-styled “Flagship Killer”, the Oneplus Nord is a fantastic gift idea. With specs that far exceed the asking price, the Nord really can compete with some of the best phones available, at a fraction of the cost.

Also consider: Oneplus 7 Pro; with its unique ‘pop-up’ camera and high-end specs, your dad will be entertained for hours.

Apple iPad Air 2
Offering the ideal balance between cost and specs, the iPad Air 2 is the ideal gift idea. What better way to put a smile on Dad’s face, than giving him something he can watch the football on in peace! The iPad Air 2 combines portability and power, meaning you can take it anywhere and do whatever you need to, with ease.

Also consider: iPad Pro 9.7 (2016); for a bump in specifications, the iPad Pro is an ideal choice for a slightly bigger budget.

Samsung Galaxy S10e
For the fan of the smaller device, the Galaxy S10e offers great portability and power, compared to the S10 & S10+ of the same family. The ideal device for day-to-day use, at a very tempting cost.

Also consider: Samsung Galaxy 20 FE; essentially the S10e of the new generation devices, the bump in specs and design will go down well on Father's Day.

Google Pixel 2
Everyone knows Google and the brand, but not everyone knows that they also make (very good) Mobile Phones! Pixel phones have some of the best Software around, meaning great speeds and photos that won’t look out of place anywhere. The Google Pixel 2 takes everything the first Pixel did well and improved on it, meaning you get a quality Gadget for a fantastic price.

Also consider: Google Pixel 3 XL; with increased specs on the predecessor, the 3 XL also has a bigger screen and a sleeker look, at a low price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
For the Dad that is business as well as play, the Galaxy Note 10 is a fantastic choice of gift. With a revolutionised S-Pen that allows you to snap a photo at a distance, save a section of a page or simply jot down a quick reminder, the Note 10 with S-Pen functionality is the ideal Father’s Day gift.

Also Consider: Galaxy Note 9; for smaller budgets with lots of similar features, the Note 9 is also a fantastic choice.

Apple Macbook Air (2015) 13”
A Macbook is simply a fantastic gift, whatever the occasion. The Macbook Air comes in a range of specifications for all budgets, and offers unbelievable portability, weighing in at only 1.35kg, meaning it can easily be slipped into a bag for use on the go.

Also Consider: Apple Macbook Pro (2017) 13”; for when budget isn’t an issue, Apple’s top quality Macbook pro is ideal for the serious Apple user.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Rounding out our list, is the Galaxy Tab S4. Often overlooked for Apple iPads, the Samsung tablets offer performance to match Apple’s offering, but often at a much lower price point. With full S-Pen stylus functionality, it makes an ideal gift for a special someone this Father’s Day!

Also Consider: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e; the ‘light’ tablet of the next generation, for people that won’t get use from the S-Pen and just want a more traditional offering.