The iPhone SE 2 - A Smaller iPhone X?

The iPhone SE 2 - A Smaller iPhone X?

Although the rumoured release date for the Apple iPhone SE 2 is up in the air currently, this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from churning. There are plenty of concepts and ideas flying around and we will look at one of the most interesting designs

The above video from Gunho Lee and ConceptsiPhone, seem to suggest the logical move for Apple is to make the SE 2 a smaller version of the iPhone X. It is worth noting that this is just a concept video, and in no way what the final design will be. But it still makes for some interesting viewing.

The video suggests that the Rear camera will differ, and go back to the single lens camera to allow the phone to be a bit more ‘budget friendly’. It still includes the back glass for wireless charging capabilities, and the screen still has the full-frontal LCD as seen on the iPhone X.

Do you think that these concepts are likely to be the route that Apple actually goes down?

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