The best smart watch care tips to keep devices ticking

The best smart watch care tips to keep devices ticking

Wearable technology has become an integral part of our lives and an integral part of the smart electronics industry. Smart watches are some of the most popular devices when it comes to wearable tech, with shipments of some of the best smart watch brands expected to reach more than a quarter of a billion by 2025 according to Statista. 

With a range of specialised features, smart watches are the perfect companion for our smartphones – and especially as they can link perfectly to your other devices as long as they belong to the same technology ecosystem. 

With almost daily usage, the wrist position meaning the device is likely to be knocked and scratched during everyday activities and the relative fragility of the device itself, smart watch care is of paramount importance to ensure your device continues to perform for a long time.

We’ve prepared some smart watch care tips to help you keep your smart watch maintenance up to scratch. 

The best smart watch maintenance tips

Looking for tips on smart watch care? Just like a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, it’s important to take care of your smart watch. Whether you use it as a timekeeper or a fitness tracker for your morning run, a lot of the smart watch maintenance tips are going to be similar! 

Keep software up to date

One of the easiest parts of smart watch care isn’t even physical maintenance – ensuring that it performs at the best of its ability means ensuring that the operating system and associated software are all up to date.

Manufacturers tend to release regular updates to ensure security and performance are maintained, and these will come out as long as the manufacturer still supports that device model. Be sure to check for updates regularly.

Careful cleaning

When you’re exercising regularly and tracking all those important gains, there’s going to be a build up of sweat and bacteria on the device. Wipe the screen and the back of the watch body and strap with a microfiber cloth to remove any build-up, or a 70% alcohol wipe if you avoid ports.

Charging ports or other areas can be cleaned with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol – but make sure to take care when doing so.

Protect the display

The display of a smart watch is the most important part – so it’s only right that it gets a lot of attention during smart watch care. 

Make sure you put a protector or screen guard over the display which will help to reduce scratches and provide additional safety if your watch happens to fall from a height.

Be careful with your watch

While you might wear a smart watch to the gym or work, it’s worthwhile taking it off once you get home so that it’s not impacted by some of your daily household activities.

Cooking your evening meal, washing up or even household DIY can all be hazardous to your device. Keeping it away from water and moisture and extreme temperatures is key.

Semi-regular replacement of the strap

You don’t need to be replacing the strap once a month or anything like that, but it’s absolutely worthwhile keeping an eye on how worn your smart watch strap is beginning to look.

Replacing your strap when it needs to be done can stop accidents from happening – and improve the life span of your device.

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