The best free multiplayer games for Android phones

The best free multiplayer games for Android phones

Times have changed, and so have the kind of games that we’re playing on our mobile devices. Gone are the days when we spent countless hours controlling a pixelated snake as it searches for apples to help it grow. The age of mobile gaming is upon us, and as devices become more and more advanced, we are now able to take part in a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience no matter where we are.

While you can game on any mobile device, here at 4gadgets we’re a fan of utilising all of Android’s exceptional benefits when it comes to getting your game on. Not only do several Android devices feature the exciting Snapdragon chipset – the best processor available on the market offering high performance and power efficiency – but they often provide longer lasting batteries and great refresh rates too.  

So, what are some of the best games for Android? We’ve selected some fun multiplayer games for Android devices that are sure to keep you and your friends busy.

Fun multiplayer games for Android

If you’ve been searching for free games to download for Android to play with your friends, then look no further – we’ve prepared a list of some of the games that have provided us with the most fun over recent months. 

Turn that device landscape and ready those thumbs – it’s gaming time.

8 Ball Pool

Now depending on how long you’ve been gaming for, you’ve likely come across this classic before – so this is serving as a reminder of just how chill this game for Android devices can be.

If you’re looking for a casual gaming experience, then this 2D based game is the one for you. It’s one of the most downloaded games for Android phones, and there are thousands of people online at any time waiting for you to try and best them on the virtual pool table. 

So, what will it be – spots or stripes?

Old School Runescape

For a game that has been in existence for over 20 years, Runescape is still thriving. There are two versions of the game, and Old School Runescape is the most popular – offering those who played it as youngsters the sweet nectar of nostalgia mixed with exciting new content that keeps new players arriving into the fantasy world of Gielenor. 

As one of the best RPG games for Android, this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) offers a free-to-play experience that you could find yourself losing hours to – before opting for a paid subscription if the game grabs you.

Get your sword, staff, or bow at the ready and dive right in. With over 5 million downloads on Android, you’ll be in great company.

Among Us

Among Us burst into mainstream minds during the pandemic and has remained as a constant source of entertainment for some ever since. It takes the premise of a childhood game, like the ‘Saboteur’ and adds a number of twists along the way.

In the game, you’ll either be part of a group assigned to do tasks (mini-games), or the imposter, assigned to kill off the group before they get their work done, or figure out who you are and throw you off the ship. 

It’s free to play, with in-app purchases if you want to make your crewmate look a little cooler. 


Roblox is another game that can thank the pandemic for its rapid growth. It was released in 2006, grew during the 2010s, and blew up at the start of this decade. 

The game allows players to make their own in-game minigames, for other users to play on. Over 15 million games are produced using the Roblox Studio each year, so there’s plenty of things to do!

It’s free to play, but there are swathes of in-game purchases available via an online virtual currency called Robux. 

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular free games to download for Android devices, and also one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store.

Your goal is to raise a clan, full of barbarians, archers, wizards and more until your clan is strong enough to rise up and crush other players’ villages and steal their resources to further improve your clan and village. 

It’s been around for a while, but the game continues to receive regular updates to keep fans coming back.


A goliath of gaming, Fortnite came to mobile in 2017 and further expanded their audience.

A battle royale where players drop into a huge arena-style map that continually gets smaller, collect weapons and fight with others until only one remains, Fornite is a great free game to download!

There’s no way of using microtransactions to win, either, as any purchases you can make are only cosmetic to ensure you look good on the battlefield. 

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise shortened to PUBG, is a similar game to Fortnite and generally is played the same way – but without some of the more interesting additions to the game like lightsabers and Dragon Ball Z fighting moves. 

The goal is to land strategically, loot and gather supplies and survive for as long as possible in an attempt to be the last player standing. 

It’s a tough learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be pushing for those top five places in no time. Good luck!

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty as a franchise is known across the globe – by youngsters, parents, and grandparents alike – and has been made famous by its popular console series – but it’s only been available on mobile since 2019.

It made history by being the fastest gamer ever to reach 100 million downloads, amassing a huge following in under a week. 

This fun multiplayer game for Android phones has three game modes to keep you occupied – a 100 player battle royale, a five versus five deathmatch and a PVP sniper battle.


A newer addition to the gaming charts is a digital reimagining of everyone’s favourite board game.

MONOPOLY GO! allows you to interact with friends and fellow Tycoons in classic Monopoly fun, updated for the modern day mobile phone. 

There’s regular tournaments and mini-games, so if you fancy yourself as somewhat of a Monopoly maestro, then this is a newer game for Android you should consider.

The best way to play games on Android

While you might be interested in enjoying fun multiplayer games for Android devices, you might not have the right phone for the job.

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