The Advantages of android phones/vs iOS

The Advantages of android phones/vs iOS

The Advantages of android phones/vs iOS

Although the world of smartphones is unbelievably wide in terms of hardware, it is predominately ruled by only two operating systems - Android and iOS, which jointly possess over 99% of the global market share. Android, which is developed by Google, is a market leader that competes directly with Apple's iOS. But how do these two systems actually differ, and which would be more suitable for you if you are thinking about buying a refurbished phone? In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of smartphones that run on Android to help you make a more informed decision on your purchase.

Wider choice of devices

Android phones are not manufactured only by Samsung but also Sony Ericsson, HTC and Lenovo which give you several options when it comes to choosing the phone you want to buy. They come in different sizes, camera quality, storage, battery life, so no matter what your preferences or budget is, you will always find an android phone that fits your needs. Some of our high-end refurbished android phones include Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G,?Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. If you are after less expensive models, you can have a look at Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S9.

Advanced multitasking

Do you like multitasking in the form of running two applications side by side on the screen? This feature, that can help you to stay productive and saved from endless jumping from application to application is much better on Android than iOS. Multitasking as such is generally at a very good level on more expensive Androids, as they have large RAM memories that will ensure trouble-free operation of multiple applications, both on the screen?and in the background of the phone.

Ability to install applications outside the Google Play Store

While apps can only be installed on the iOS from the App Store to help Apple ensure maximum security, it's quite easy to install apps on Android outside the official Google Play Store. You probably won't be surprised that you get a lot more on Android phones than on iOS, which can often be very handy. Thanks to this option, phones are much more open to third-party software, but of course this comes with a security risk.

More apps on Google Play

The truth is that you will find much more in Google Play Store than in the App Store due to Google's different policies for its app store than Apple. Furthermore, users have the access to applications that would not pass Apple strict policies and are easier to add to the store than in the case of iOS, which is also largely reflected in the number of applications available on Google Play.

Send photos via Bluetooth

Remember when you sent pictures or videos and photos to your classmates via infrared and later Bluetooth with your classmates about ten years ago? Then you may be surprised that in the case of iOS, you simply will not enjoy these tasks via Bluetooth, so it is necessary to use other paths for sharing. Androids continue to support Bluetooth file sharing on many models. The user-friendliness of sending files is thus much better on Android phones.


Widgets allow you to get quick access to certain information from apps without having to open the app itself. Some examples include calendar, weather forecasts or news headlines. Although these widgets are also available on iOS smartphones, it's fair to say that Android's are on a higher level in terms of complexity and capability.

Is Android for me?

The android has plenty of benefits, so no doubt it is the most popular operating system in the world. It's user-friendly, offers you millions of apps to download and with prices ranging from ?100 to ?800 at 4gadgets, it's accessible to anyone on any budget. In case you are deciding between Android and iOS, it completely depends on your personal preferences because both systems have several pros and cons. If you fancy hardware diversity, like to customize every function of your phone and the openness of the system attracts you, choose one of the android phones in the market. On the other hand, if you are looking for maximum level of security and privacy, then it doesn't make much sense to think about anything else other than iOS.

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