Sony PlayStation 5 - What did we learn?

Sony PlayStation 5 - What did we learn?

With the recent launch event of the PS5, we know as much as we are likely to know about Sony PlayStation’s latest offering to the video game console market. With marked improvements in all areas, it’s worth getting excited for.


There are two types of the console available at launch, the standard PS5 and Controller that most of us will be familiar with, alongside a digital-only edition that will not include a DVD drive, meaning only digitally purchased games will be able to be played. This of course, comes at a cheaper price than the standard offering.

The console itself is a sleek, futuristic black and white two-tone with blue highlights. It looks very impressive, even if some people are already likening it to a router. No design is safe from the internet meme machine.

Tech specs for those of us that way inclined, show a massively improved CPU and GPU, alongside 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and a 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive included. Sony have even bragged that 2GB of data can be loaded in just 1 quarter of a second.

PS5 is also confirmed to support expandable storage, backwards compatibility with PS4 games, smaller-sized game patches and downloads, cloud functionality and last but not least PS5 VR.


Sony have made a big deal out of the new PlayStation controller shipped with the PS5 – The DualSense Wireless Controller. Boasting a similar two-tone colour scheme to the console, there’s no doubt that it looks sleek and futuristic.

The feature most focused on by Sony is something they call “Adaptive Triggers”. This means the triggers on the DS5 will have tension, so the trigger will offer slight resistance in certain circumstances. The further a bowstring is drawn back the more resistance the trigger offers, for example. It will be interesting how developers decide to utilise this function in various games. There has also been an upgrade to the vibration, changing from the traditional rumble motor to controller-wide haptic feedback, allowing for more dynamic vibration effects.

There isn’t too much more to comment on about the controller, the rest of it is very much the DualShock controllers you know and love. Not that that’s a bad thing, this is 5 generations worth of refinements being made to one of the best gaming controllers ever made.

PS5 Release Date and Price

With the PS5 Showcase event on 16/09/20 now over, we know the price and current expected release date of the next-gen console. The new Playstation is expected to launch 12/11/2020, and begin at a £449.99 price point, with the Digital Edition priced at £359.99. The Playstation 5 Pre-orders are live as of today (17/09/20) and will definitely sell out quickly.

The PlayStation 5 does seem to be a worthy successor to the outstanding current Sony Playstation 4. Want to get a bargain on a refurbished Playstation? 4Gadgets sell a range of second hand Playstation consoles at low prices. Free delivery and 12 months warranty as standard.