Scratches on refurbished phones: truth or myth?

Scratches on refurbished phones: truth or myth?


Curious about the condition of refurbished phones? Learn whether scratches are a common issue, and what to expect when buying reconditioned devices.

At 4gadgets, we have an exciting range of all the best quality refurbished Samsung mobile phones and Apple iPhone devices, all available at a wide range of sizes, and grades – from Pristine to Fair. When you buy a refurbished phone, you’re saving money on the cost of your next device, but with great savings to be had, it can be easy to begin to worry about the quality of a reconditioned device. Do refurbished phones have scratches? Why might a refurbished phone have scratches? And what can you do to prevent damage to your pre-owned phone? In this blog, we’ll discuss all these questions and more.

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished mobile phone is a device that has been previously owned and traded in to 4gadgets to be cleaned up, inspected for faults, and sold on. Not only is this a good way of making sure used mobile phones are saved from being left to rot as e-waste, but it also means that 4gadgets customers can save money when buying their next device.

Here at 4gadgets, we grade our refurbished phones either Pristine, Excellent, Good, or Fair. You can find more information about our refurbished phone grades guide here. The short of it is: Pristine graded phones are like-new, with no marks, scratches, or dents on the screen or body. Meanwhile, our Fair graded mobile phones may have the odd scratch or mark to the body – however, 4gadgets mobile phones will never have scratches on the display itself. That’s a promise.

What to expect from refurbished phones

At 4gadgets, we make sure every single refurbished mobile phone we sell is dealt with the same level of care no matter its grade. Whether you bag yourself a Pristine mobile phone or a Fair graded mobile phone (or something in-between), you’ll be opening up that stunning 4gadgets branded box to find a charging cable and a SIM removal tool right along with the star of the show – your device. Every 4gadgets refurbished mobile phone is delivered in the highest quality that fits the grade you paid for. Meaning if you wanted a Pristine refurbished mobile phone, you won’t get anything less than that.

No matter which graded mobile phone you purchase, we guarantee that when you buy it from 4gadgets, your device will be in full working condition, with all cameras, buttons, ports and displays working exactly the way they need to. Any scratches or marks you do find will be relative to the grade the phone is purchased as, completely cosmetic in nature, and won’t affect your usage of your refurbished iPhone or Samsung phone. And, as mentioned above, none of these marks will be on the phone’s display itself.

How to avoid getting a scratched refurbished phone

Even though a refurbished mobile phone from 4gadgets will be in full working order, with any marks or scratches being cosmetic-only, some people might want to avoid getting a refurbished phone with any marks on it at all. And we understand that here at 4gadgets.

To minimise the likelihood of finding yourself with a refurbished mobile phone that has signs of use, we recommend shopping around for an Excellent or Pristine graded mobile phone. While our Fair and Good mobile phones are still brilliant quality, they’re more likely to have signs of pre-ownership, whereas our Excellent and Pristine graded mobile phones can be relied on to have minimal to no scratches and marks on the device’s body.

Tips for keeping a refurbished phone scratch-free

Whether you’ve bagged yourself a Pristine or Excellent graded mobile phone and want to keep it scratch-free, or you’ve opted for a Good or Fair used mobile phone and want to prevent any further marks; we have the tips and advice you need to keep your pre-owned phone in the best possible condition.
In our opinion, the best way to keep your quality second-hand phone looking its best is to invest in a phone case for the phone’s body, and protection glass for the screen. This helps prevent your entire phone from scratches and marks, while having the dual benefit of covering up any pre-existing marks in an aesthetically pleasing way. Luckily for you, we sell both of these things – and many other exciting accessories to pair with your refurbished device – right here at 4gadgets.

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