Samsung Galaxy S8 Update

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update

The most anticipated device for 2017 so far, The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks as if it will be released in a standalone event in New York later in April, if reports from South Korea are true. This means that Samsung would break from the traditional reveal date at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona in February.

Despite the rumours of a delayed release, avid fans are patiently waiting for the new flagship device to land in stores. Featuring Samsung’s most advanced hardware to date, with an enhanced camera and super high definition screen, the S8 should be one of the top devices on the market.

The delay is probably due to Samsung wanting to put their new device through extra testing to ensure that a repeat of the Note 7 fiasco doesn't’t happen again. The last thing they want is for the S8 to overheat and catch fire, and it is believed that Samsung rushed testing for the Note 7 to compete with the iPhone 7. They are even rumoured to be in talks with LG to source batteries for the S8 rather than relying on their own products.

In an effort to build up some customer hype, Samsung announced recently that anyone that had traded their Note 7 in for an S7 or S7 edge will have a special trade in deal when the S8 and Note 8 are released. On top of the special upgrade scheme they have also started offering financial incentives of up to £71 to some of their customers in South Korea already. Customers who wish to upgrade to the new flagship device will only have to pay around half the price of their S7 before upgrading to the S8 or Note 8.

Samsung are expected to give their flagship a facelift as it has been a whole two years since the last redesign, and with Apple planning something special for their 10th anniversary phone, if they don’t they will be left behind. When it is released, the S8 will come in two sizes; a 5.1inch curved display and a 5.5inch curved display. It is also keen to adopt the 3D touch feature that Apple introduced to their iPhone 6s model and continue to use with success. However, one thing that may anger some customers is the fact that it looks as if they are keen to lose the earphone port like Apple and a few other companies are doing. Instead of relying on a USB-C adapter or Bluetooth though, Samsung seem to be looking into developing their own replacement for the port.

We will just have to wait and see how Samsung proceed, but so far its looking mainly good news