Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

Keeping secrets is virtually impossible these days. Samsung recently found this out after details of their much anticipated Galaxy S8 found its way onto the web.

However, the leak may have worked in their favour as many of the new features reported have caused quite a much needed buzz for the Korean giant.

There has been a delay in the unveiling of the new flagship handsets to the 29th March with worldwide release on the 21st April.

So what can we expect? Firstly, a Plus size version which will be 6.2in and have all the same tech as the smaller, 5.8in handset – unlike the Plus versions Apple have that slightly differ from their smaller counterparts.

Both sizes will have bigger ‘Infinity’ displays, reducing the boarders at the top and bottom of the screen face, and with curved sides borrowed from the highly successful Edge range.

Despite the bigger display, there is no room for the traditional home button which will be integrated into the screen like the return keys and the finger scanner is moving to the back cover in a similar style to Huawei’s P9.

Not everything is new though, some of the clever features of the Note 7 will return like the Iris scanning function which reads the pattern of your eyes and allows users to unlock their phone just by looking at the screen.

Without any information form Samsung themselves it’s hard to confirm much more about the S8 and S8 Plus, but other rumors include a built-in object recognition system, similar to Google Goggles, 12MP dual pixel camera, 8MP front facing camera, 64GB memory and a 256GB MicroSD card.

It is also heavily reported that the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket remains, not following Apple with their wireless iPhone 7 headphones.

Very little is known about the artificial intelligence assistant Bixby, which has been developed by Viv Labs, who Samsung acquired in October and is run by Dag Kittlaus, one of the co-creates of Apple’s Siri, but it is hoped to rival all over voice assistants.