Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

Samsung has done it! The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are out and pulling in rave reviews. Already, 4gadgets have some on stock and plenty more to come, so check out our website for unbeatable prices!

We’ve given both models to our expert technicians who have run through some exhaustive tests to bring to you a comprehensive review:  

It is a beautiful looking phone with its smooth and flawless all glass design. The handset is lean, light weight and has no buttons on the front. In comparison to the iPhone 7 Plus the phone is the same height but smaller in width which makes it far easier to use one handed.

It is quite an achievement to produce a plus size phone that is technically smaller than the competitors but still increasing the screen size. This is down to removing the home button and reducing bezels.

The infinity display is quite something; 5.8in quad HD+ AMOLED fully HD ready screen that is perfect for streaming TV shows, films or video clips on the move with almost the same quality as if watching your TV at home. This high quality resolution screen also lends to the cameras where taking pictures from a distance can be perfectly captured with the zoom which keeps a focus on your subject.

With the new Snapdragon 835 processor the phone works at unbelievable speeds; the face recognition software is so quick you may not even notice at first that it happens. Click the power button and the device opens with just a look and a swipe.

Enabling Bixby vision allows you to point the camera at items and find out where you can buy them online or locally and works great for wines. The new artificial assistant can help for all your culinary and social needs with recommendations for places to eat and drink.   

The S8 Plus is arguably the best handset on the market with its game changing infinity display and impressive features. The smartphone has been improved, the bar has been raised and the competition is, right now, a long way behind Samsung.