Samsung Galaxy S7 - All aboard the rumour train

Samsung Galaxy S7 - All aboard the rumour train

Apple’s successful release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has forced rival Samsung’s hands as rumours are emerging of an earlier launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Rumours suggest that the earlier release stem from Samsung trying to; a) put the Galaxy S7 closer to their rival’s flagship device and nullify the post-release buzz for the Apple goodie and b) create a larger gap between the Galaxy S7 hitting the shelves and the iPhone 7 launch.

What to expect?

Here’s the skinny on what we at 4gadgets believe to be the most accurate rumours. In the same way the iPhone 6s didn’t differ greatly cosmetically from its counterpart, the same can be expected for the Galaxy S7. Although some Samsung fanatics may be disappointed that their next handset hasn’t be subject of a design overhaul, the potential of a curved screen as standard has been speculated. Not developing the new device cosmetically has instead allowed Samsung to focus on what some would say really matters – the functionality and features. It’s been well reported than Samsung plan to introduce a new form of glass – Turtle Glass. Turtle Glass plans to offer greater scratch and shatter resistance. Samsung have also planned to counteract Apple’s introduction of 3D Touch by introducing ClearForce touch technology which is understood to operate with similar characteristics to 3D Touch.

When to expect?

As mentioned previously, the general consensus is that Samsung will bring forward the Galaxy S7 launch. To when you say? Wouldn’t we like to know! Even 4Gadgets have been kept in the dark by uncle Samsung on that matter. To make an educated guess, we would suggest preparing yourselves for a January release.

Can’t wait until January?

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