Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Re-stock

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Re-stock

If you prefer Android over iOS, appreciate sleek unique designs and want arguably the best camera available on a smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the phone for you.
Here at 4Gadgets we are pleased to say we have a full re-stock coming this week and the phone will be available in Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum. 

2015 was a great year for smartphones and especially for Samsung, with the highly anticipated releases of the Galaxy S6 in April and the later release of the Galaxy S6 Edge in august – both phones didn’t disappoint. It is safe to say that Samsung’s S6 / S6 Edge+ models were the best handsets of 2015 and now that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been launched, there's never been a better time to invest in the company's previous flagship device. The Samsung S6 Edge+ may be the previous model but after taking its innovative design and high performance into account it easily remains to be one of the most impressive handsets you can buy today – especially now prices have fallen in the wake of the new generation of Galaxy phones release.

To top it all off, Android have recently launched its latest Operating System; Marshmallow, which is a refinement and extension of the core features and functionality of Android Lollipop. Here is a brief list of what new features and refinements are included on Android 6.0 for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge piece:

A new memory manager that allows you to check how much memory each app is using
Battery optimisation on by-app basis
Better Google Now integration with Google Now on Tap
More control over app permissions
A new power saving feature called Doze
A wider edge panel allowing for more content to be displayed
Enhanced content in the edge panels with more options and information
Edge handle customisation – adjust the size and position of the tab
Third party edge content 

Taking the S6 Edge’s unique design, great build quality and still outstanding features into account, you might still feel like the S6/S6 Edge is past-tense. With the new marshmallow OS you’ll get the same user experience as you would with the S7 Edge but for a fraction of the price, here on our site.