Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review - The era of mobile AI is here

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review - The era of mobile AI is here

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces three new phones into the Samsung range aimed at competing with the top offerings from Apple and Google. This includes the compact Samsung Galaxy S24, the larger Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and the feature-packed Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. In this article, we have thoroughly examined the most advanced model, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It proves to be an outstanding smartphone that could be the ideal Android device for you, so let’s dive into its features.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Features 

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra brings a whole new level of performance, smoothly integrating cutting-edge features into its stylish design. Thanks to its advanced processor, the S24 Ultra effortlessly handles the demands of modern life, ensuring quick app launches, smooth multitasking, and a responsive user interface. The IP68 dust and water resistance not only make the device more durable but also contribute to its reliable performance. Beyond just a smartphone, it's a powerful companion designed to enhance your digital experience significantly.

Samsung S24 Ultra SpecificationsSamsung S24 Ultra Specifications


Samsung continues the design language introduced with the S22 Ultra, marking the third Ultra device to adopt this body style. Notably, this year's model features a flat design, departing from the curved edges present since the Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015. The advantages of this change include reduced screen glare, diminished distortion at the edges, and fewer accidental touches—changes we wholeheartedly endorse.

In terms of material changes, there's something notable happening with the frame. Samsung has upgraded its top-tier Galaxy S smartphone by using a titanium frame, taking inspiration from Apple's recent Pro series. While this doesn't result in a significant weight reduction (it still weighs in at 232 grams), the titanium adds a matte, almost gritty texture, improving grip and resisting fingerprints. The durability has also seen improvements with the introduction of the new Corning Gorilla Armour glass, offering better scratch resistance and reducing screen reflectivity by up to 75%. In practical terms, the screen remains highly visible even when exposed to direct sunlight.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts an outstanding display, matching the expectations one has for a top-tier smartphone. It's expansive, luminous, and vibrant, particularly when using the Vivid colour tone setting. Numerous features enhance this display, including adaptive brightness and colour tones that assess ambient lighting, optimizing the visual experience. In intense outdoor lighting, the display can escalate to an impressive 2,600 nits—while not the absolute brightest, it exceeds any practical need for brightness. A noteworthy feature is the Extra Dim option. The Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains excellent colour accuracy even at a mere one nit of brightness. This level of dimness allows for discreet message checks in a movie theatre, though doing so would label you as an extra dim Ultra enthusiast. The choice is yours.

Battery Life 

The battery life on the S24 Ultra is quite reliable, thanks to its 5000mAh non-removable battery. It easily lasts through a day of heavy use (or possibly 2 days with moderate use), handling activities like taking photos, playing music, and messaging, with some battery to spare. You can charge it quickly with a 45W wired charger or a 15W wireless one.


No smartphone review is complete without delving into the camera capabilities. The camera setup on both the S24 and S24+ comprises a 50-MP primary sensor, a 12-MP ultrawide lens, and a 10-MP telephoto lens offering 3X optical zoom. The S24 Ultra takes it a step further with an additional 5X optical zoom camera and a switch to a 200-MP main sensor. In essence, whether you opt for the S24 or S24 Ultra, you're treated to a versatile and dependable array of cameras.

The inclusion of generative AI photo editing is another highlight especially for photography enthusiasts. This feature allows users to remove or resize elements within photos, with AI generating entirely new pixels to fill the gaps seamlessly similar to the Pixel 8 series.

Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra worth buying?

To sum it up, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra excels both in design and performance. From its sleek and durable build to the expansive 6-inch display, this device offers a delightful visual and tactile experience. Featuring a powerful processor, a substantial 5000mAh battery with wireless charging support, and an advanced quadruple-lens camera system, the S24 Ultra showcases Samsung's commitment to providing an outstanding smartphone experience.


  • Robust build with durable materials
  • Flat screen enhances S Pen functionality
  • Powerful processor for high performance
  • Extended software support
  • Enhanced telephoto cameras
  • Strong battery 


  • Price
  • Speakers can get easily blocked


As amazing as the S24 Ultra is, this is currently retailing brand new for £1,250.  If this device is a stretch too far, perhaps the S23 Ultra is a better choice for the time being - prices on our website start at £614.99.  Order from 4gadgets between Monday and Friday, and before 3pm to make the most of Free Next Day Delivery.