Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review - The One to Beat

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review - The One to Beat

After a rocky few years for Samsung's Note range, the newest iteration arrives: The Galaxy Note 8. Sporting the same 'Infinity Display' as the S8 and S8+, the Note 8 is a sleek and practical addition to the line-up. 

The most striking thing about the Note 8 (also the S8 and S8+ for that matter) is the screen. Samsung state that the Note 4 boasts a 83.2% screen to body ratio, which when coupled with its AMOLED 521 pixels per inch LCD, gives a vibrant and vivid display with no bezels. 

One of the most lauded new features of the Note 8 is its camera. Featuring a Dual 12MP camera, it features something Samsung are calling "Live Focus". This means the dual cameras work together to create effects like a blurred background but an in-focus subject. A rather useful feature for the casual photographer.  

As a member of the Note range, the S-Pen stylus makes a comeback allowing for quick note taking or even annotating screenshots and photographs, making the Note 8 is a great tool for learning or work. The S-Pen fits neatly into the bottom of the device, not protruding or impacting on the overall shape of the handset. The S-Pen makes the Note 8 the most feature-rich Android phone on the market. 

Something that may take a little bit of getting used to is the sheer size of the device. The expansive 6.3 Inch display means that it can be a struggle to use one handed, although the benefits of such a large screen far outweigh the cons. The fingerprint scanner on the back is also uniquely located, up by the camera rather than nearer to the centre of the phone like most of its competitors. Despite this, it does also now include Facial recognition and an Iris scanner giving you a multitude of ways to unlock your device. 

The Note 8 improves on the S8 in a handful of ways. Without the Dual Cameras and the S-Pen functionality, there isn't too much difference. If these features are something that you cannot live without, and you are looking to spend (starting at a price of £869), the Note 8 is probably the best choice for you on the market at this time. 

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