Samsung Galaxy Book - The best 2in1?

Samsung Galaxy Book - The best 2in1?

In line with our new stock of Galaxy Books, we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6, seeing why this fantastic 2 in 1 hybrid gadget is an essential addition to replace your tired old Laptop or Tablet.

Right off the bat, the first thing to say about the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 is that it is a beautiful device. The sleek silver and grey colours give it a very premium look. The device also has an S pen and Keyboard cover, making it ideal for professionals that like to get the most out of their device. These are included with the Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 as standard, which is a very nice touch.

New Features
As you would expect from a 2 in 1, it performs to a very high standard as a Laptop and Tablet. Attach the magnetic keyboard cover to enter laptop mode, which functions as you would expect, and simply detach the keyboard to enter tablet mode, allowing for touchscreen portability for ease of use on the go. Ideal for bringing your work with you wherever you are. It also includes “Samsung Flow”, which seamlessly links with your phone to allow file sharing, notifications, apps and other shared features. The only drawback with this is that Flow only works with a Samsung phone, so maybe it’s time to get that new Samsung Galaxy S9 to accompany it!

Tech Specs
Powered by Windows 10, this 2in1 is as close to a portable computer as it gets. Samsung boast 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, USB-C ports and a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 Processor, giving it a spec better than most tablets currently on the market. They also state you can get 9 hours of video use on a single charge and go from fully depleted, back up to full charge in just 3 hours.

The main feature is the stunning 10” Full HD display. From watching videos to editing or creating images, the screen is a sight to behold. It really does set this device apart from its nearest competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 can now be purchased from 4 Gadgets, here.