Samsung A-Series Devices Get A New Look

Samsung A-Series Devices Get A New Look

Samsung have redesigned their  A-series of phones yet again for 2017 and they are looking really cool. New models of the A3, A5 and A7 will borrow some of the new features from the flagship S7 and will be made to look more modern. Although Samsung have announced it will be bringing them out this year, they have yet to confirm a release date for the UK or give an idea of pricing as of yet.  Improvements to the cameras, storage and display have been made and they will also now all come with waterproofing as standard which is a welcome change.

As to the best phone out of the three there really isn’t an answer.  It really depends on what you want from a phone, with some people preferring a smaller and more basic phone, yet others might prefer a larger screen or a better battery life. What we want and expect from a phone is a totally personal choice to fit our needs and expectations. As with previous versions of the A Series, the main differences between the three phones are the screen size, battery capacity and processing power.

The A7 is the largest and most powerful of the three devices with the largest of the three screens (5.7inch HD), a larger processor (1.9GHz octa-core), 3GB RAM, a larger battery and 32GB storage.

The A3 is the smallest and less powerful of the three devices with a smaller screen (4.7inch HD), smaller processor (1.6GHz octa-core), 2GB RAM, a smaller battery and only 16GB storage.

The A5 is somewhere in-between of the two other devices with a medium sized screen (5.2inch HD), and a medium sized battery but will have most of the A7 specs internally.

All three devices will come in the trademark metal frame with glass screen and back plate giving all three of them a fresh, new, sleek look. The colours that will be available are Blue Mist, Black Sky, Peach Cloud and Gold Sand.