S7 & S7 Edge Release and News

S7 & S7 Edge Release and News

With the release of the new phone in Samsung's Galaxy S line coming on 11th march we are as excited as you are! The phone itself looks pretty similar to previous models however the S7 has a bit more under the bonnet. Taking a look at its main enhancements it seems Samsung have listened to its consumers and made improvements to its battery; Boosting its previous Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery to a Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. This is something users have been crying out for since the S6 release.

The S7 includes a stronger camera even though it’s decreased from 16MP to 12MP. While that sounds like a downgrade, in truth it's a big change for the better, letting in more light – 25% more, thanks to the 56% large pixels being used. The other technical enhancements of the camera include phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash. Another positive aspect of the S7 would be that on display, aesthetically the newer model looks great and reportedly feels like a completely different phone when held in-hand. 

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will also include similar enhancements but there is one signiticant difference being the size of the new handset. The picture below shows this new change with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It's bigger than the S6 Edge; its screen is 5.5 inches compared with 5.1 inches, but it still feels surprisingly compact. The beauty of the S6 Edge is still present in this newer phone, and its polished finish gives it a metallic luster similar to S6 Edge+.

To be critical of the S7 we found that not only does it look very similar to its predecessor’s but the new device has no adoptable storage for MicroSD. This means that yes the MicroSD card slot is back but Samsung have opted out of Google’s Adoptable Storage feature, which was added into Android Marshmallow and enables users to 'hard code' MicroSD cards into the internal storage – meaning you can install massive apps onto them with ease. Another disadvantage of the S7 would be the fact it doesn’t use the newer, smaller, reversible and more powerful USB-C cables. Samsung claim they didn’t need to switch just yet as they introduce the growing VR platform, as well as the fact they simply didn’t want to rush the newer technology on this model. 

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