Refurbished Smartphones - The only difference is the cost

Refurbished Smartphones - The only difference is the cost

It’s safe to say Mobile phones have become increasingly desirable items in the UK. Ofcom have shown this with an amazing statistic, reporting 93% of adults personally owned/used a mobile phone in the UK in 2015! These figures are increasing on a daily basis in correspondence with mobile phone sales. However consumers have begun to purchase SIM only deals and invest in a second hand smartphone or refurbished smartphones.

The main reason consumers are going down this route is to save some money. Purchasing unlocked devices has also been reported as a great benefit, allowing the owner to install a variety of SIMs, which is very useful whilst travelling. Customers have also reported that SIM only contracts provide them with more flexibility as they are tied into a network for a shorter period of time.

We have noticed the increased interest in refurbished smartphones here at 4gadgets, as more and more customers enquire about our refurbished devices on a daily basis. Refurbished android phones seem to be a great attraction to customers, especially the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.

When customers get in touch in regards to a refurbished device we usually here very common questions, the main one being ‘what exactly is a refurbished device?’

Refurbished phones here at 4gadgets really are like new, this is shown in the picture below! When we say this device is like new, everything is new about it apart from the motherboard. We use fully tested used motherboards and refurbish them into a completely new device. All handsets are refurbished into genuine brand new original parts which show no signs of use. These parts are dependent on the model but will include the LCD, Back chassis, Back plate, Battery cover, Camera frame, and volume buttons. All screens will include screen protectors. Following refurbishment to ensure the handset is in full working order it will be fully tested and restored to the latest operating system. 

The picture above shows a variety of our refurbished android phones, these handsets are very popular and we have received nothing but great feedback for the cosmetic condition and performance of these handsets.

If you are looking to buy a refurbished second hand phone but have some queries you would like answering first, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our friendly customer service team will help to ensure you purchase the best refurbished smartphone for your daily needs. 

All customers are also provided a 14 day money back guarantee, and a staggering one year refurbished phones warranty.