Refurbished gets Renewed - Find out more!

Refurbished gets Renewed - Find out more!

Renewed products are the same great Refurbished products that you already know and love from us, nothing has changed – except the name!

Why the change?

After some research, we have had a bit of a change up with our Refurbished category. We tended to find that a lot of our customers were not entirely sure what “Refurbished” means. Lots of other websites use the term Refurbished to mean different things, so we have changed all “Refurbished” models to now be called “Renewed”. We feel that “Renewed” more adequately describes these devices, and at a glace you can tell it’s an old device that has been recycled and given a new life, with all new parts!

What is a Renewed device and why should I choose one?

All Renewed products are built to the highest standard in our Certified workshop and are only passed if they achieve our best test rating. All parts used are genuine, and are built from recycled motherboards from old phones, meaning we are cutting down on wasted old handsets! In a time where recycling and being environmentally conscious is vital, we are proud to sell devices that cut down on waste versus buying a new device. It will also look good as new, there won’t be a scratch on it!

What’s even better, is that these Refurbished products also are protected by our massive 12 Month warranty, so you can have peace of mind when buying one. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, you are making big savings on the price of a new phone, by buying one as good as new.

Don’t just buy used, buy Renewed.

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