Pixel, S7 and iPhone 7 Camera Comparison

Pixel, S7 and iPhone 7 Camera Comparison

The Pixel, Google’s first home-grown smartphone, looks to be the company’s new release to rival the likes of Apple and Samsung. Here at 4 Gadgets we take a look…


Unlimited storage – EVERY user will get access to infinite Google cloud storage, meaning less has to be stored on your device.
Super-fast charging speed – With just a 15 minute charge the battery will last approximately 7 hours according to Google.
Superior camera – DxOMark, a leading camera testing site has awarded the highest ever rating for a smartphone camera to the Pixel. When you see the impressive quality of these pictures there isn’t much to argue.

It works incredibly well in low lighting, picks up variations in colour accurately, and boasts superior processing power enabling ways to enhance your snaps as never before.

Video stabilization – Allows for perfectly stable filming for even the un-steadiest of hands, but has problems maintaining white balance between changing light conditions.
Priority updates – The Pixel will be the first to run Android 7.1 and Pixel owners will be the first to receive future updates before any other manufactures receive it.


Average design – It’s not ugly but The Pixel looks like any other phone, having a basic rectangular shape made from glass and plastic and metal.
Questionable headphone jack location – Most phones have the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone so that it is the correct way up when pulled out from a pocket. With the Pixel it will be upside-down as it is on the top.
Annoying fingerprint scanner – Being on the back of the phone, near the top, the fingerprint scanner can awkward to use when holding in one hand or paying using the NFC.
No home button – This makes the phone difficult to exit sleep mode as it relies on pressing the power button at the side.
‘New’ Google Assistant – Only marginally better than Apple’s Siri, you may still find Googling the answers yourself might be quicker.
Not waterproof – The Pixel is only splash proof which is surprising considering other challenger brands are all waterproof.
Inconvenient camera shortcut – The camera app comes with a default setting where the app opens by pressing the power button twice. Fantastic for when you need to take a quick picture but not if it goes off in your pocket.
Expensive – Similar in price to the iPhone7 and Galaxy S7, it all boils down to personal choice.
The list of disadvantages are nothing serious but all the little issues may make this phone annoying for someone to use. If, however, you want a phone that gives priority for updates and has superior storage capacity then the Pixel might be a decent investment for you.