Peculiar Nokia phones of the past

Peculiar Nokia phones of the past

With some strange and wonderful design ideas for their phones, Nokia have led the way with innovation. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but they seem set on challenging traditional ideas so with the new range of Nokia phones set to be released in the near future we decided to cast our eyes back at some of the more interesting devices.


- Nokia 3250

With a bottom part of the phone that could twist around to reveal mps controls, this was perfect for music lovers.

- Nokia 6800

A flip out, full QWERTY keyboard gave two typing options for the user allowing a choice of typing methods.

- Nokia 7260

Basic but stylish, this phone had a definitive silver ‘S’ shape on the front cover and downloadable polyphonic ringtones.

- Nokia 7280

A spinner, like on early iPods, replaced the traditional keypad for the ‘lipstick phone’. It was also quite small so was easy to lose.

- Nokia 7370

More for fashion conscious users, these phones featured stylish designs and a 180 degree swivel screen.

- Nokia N90

Swivelling the screen could transform your phone into a camcorder, and with a 2MP camera with flash made it a good phone for amateur film makers.


- Nokia 7710

This was Nokia’s first touchscreen phone, costing around £500 on release. With similarities in appearance to a sat nav this phone has a 1MP camera that could also shoot video, and could play mp3’s and access the internet.


- Nokia 2300

A simple phone with games like Snake 2 and snake impact+ it also had front and back covers that could be swapped out to customise your phone.

- Nokia 3200

With many art deco designed covers this phone looked just like previous budget phones with the exception of its circular keys.

- Nokia N-Gage

Meant to combine gaming with mobile phones this phone failed at both, with customers finding it poor as a gaming device or phone.

- Nokia 7600

One of the weirdest designs that Nokia have released, this phone required both hands to hold. Its teardrop shape earned it the nickname ‘the adult tamogotchi’.

- Nokia 7700

Announced in 2003, this phone never went on sale but would have been the first phone with touchscreen, web browser, camera and radio included.

- Nokia 8910i

This phone was made purely of metal so was always cold. It was marketed as one of Nokia’s first ‘business’ phones


-  Nokia g201I Communicator

More of a mini laptop than a phone, the communicator could text, send picture messages, faxes and emails, could open and view documents and attachments and even play videos. It also had a full QWERTY keyboard.

- Nokia 3650

With a circular keyboard this phone had a very peculiar shape. The 3650 had an advanced software system however, making it one of the more advanced phones of its day.


- Nokia 5510

A sideways phone with 45 keys for easier texting this phone cost around £200 on release.