Looking to bag a Samsung Galaxy S22? Here’s why 4gadgets is the way to go

Looking to bag a Samsung Galaxy S22? Here’s why 4gadgets is the way to go

At 4gadgets, we have an impressive range of all the latest devices phone-lovers can’t wait to get their hands on - like the new Samsung Galaxy S22. Packed with epic features to make your scrolling experience exciting, it can be tempting to grab a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 right off the shelf. But if you’re interested in getting the exact same Samsung mobile phone you’re dreaming of, in perfect working condition, but for a price that won’t hurt the bank – we think you’ll love what we’re going to say next.

At 4gadgets, we have an impressive range of all the latest devices phone-lovers can’t wait to get their hands on - like the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

Three ways to scroll

Before we get into why buying your Samsung Galaxy S22 device from 4gadgets is a great idea, let us break down the difference between the three models we have in stock. The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes in three exciting formats – the standard Samsung Galaxy S22, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. All three feature the fastest chip used to date in a Samsung device, with a 4nm processor, with a super-intelligent battery that adapts to how you use your phone, so you can stay powered-on and scrolling for over 24 hours. And, while all three also share the impressive VisionBooster Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has a larger, 6.6 inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a massive 6.8 inch display. Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra have a maximum display brightness of 1750 nits (the standard has a maximum brightness of 1300 nits) – however, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a superior 1~120Hz refresh rate, rivalling the standard S22 and the S22 Plus’ 48~120Hz refresh rate.

It wouldn’t be a Samsung Galaxy device without a stunning camera to boot. All three models feature a Nightography setting for more light to be let into the shot, and a Super Clear Glass to dial down lens flare. All this, alongside a fast-acting AI that delivers near-instant processing and Smooth Video with OIS correction and Super HDR. The Samsung Galaxy Ultra, however, features a quad camera design that allows for even closer refinement and a perfect shot every time.

Quality assured

Buying a refurbished mobile phone might seem like you’ll need to brace yourself for lower quality. But the good news is, if you get your Samsung Galaxy S22 from 4gadgets, you have total control over the quality of your device. That means that if you buy a Pristine graded Samsung Galaxy S22, you’ll receive a Samsung mobile phone that’s in like-new quality – with no damage to the screen, body, or casing of the phone. And thanks to the checks we make on every device to make sure they’re suitable for sale, a Pristine Samsung Galaxy S22 from 4gadgets won’t just look good as new – it’ll work perfectly, too. Everything from the screen to the buttons, ports, WiFi connectivity, and beyond is checked in scrutinising detail to ensure they work just like a new Samsung Galaxy S22 would. Meaning you can enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S22’s superfast chip and 4nm processor in its full glory, but for a price that won’t make you nervous to check your bank account. And if you’re nervous about how the Samsung Galaxy S22’s VisionBooster Dynamic AMOLED 2x display will look on a Pristine used Samsung Galaxy S22, then worry no more – Tom from Trustpilot wouldn’t have called our devices’ screens “flawless” for nothing, after all.


If you’re looking to grab yourself a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22, but want to save even more pennies along the way, why not consider some of our other grades? At 4gadgets, every single one of our devices is put through detailed quality checks, so all our phones, from the Excellent graded phones to the Fair graded phones are in perfect working order inside and outside, updated to the latest software, and will have only minor cosmetic blemishes that can be easily covered up by a screen protector or case. We’ve outlined the difference between the different 4gadgets refurbished mobile phone grades here [link to other blog], if you want a deeper-dive into what you can expect from buying a used Samsung Galaxy S22 from 4gadgets.

But the short of it is, no matter which grade you buy, your Samsung Galaxy S22 will still look great, and you’ll still be able to use all its incredible features in the same way you would with a new Samsung Galaxy S22 – including the exciting Google Duo Live Sharing, which allows you to stream movies and games in high quality, and enjoy them with your friends in a digital watch party. And while you’re there, you can tell your mates all about the great deal you got on your Samsung Galaxy S22 - because the real benefit of buying an Excellent, Good, or Fair graded Samsung Galaxy S22 lies in the price difference. Kevin from Trustpilot loved the “great” price of our mobile phones, and we think you will too. Even though buying a Pristine graded mobile phone is cheaper than getting a new Samsung Galaxy S22, the lower grades are even more inexpensive. So if you really want that dream mobile phone, but can’t justify shelling out the full price for a new Samsung Galaxy S22, a Excellent to Fair graded Samsung Galaxy S22 might just be the way to go.

Here at 4gadgets, we’re more excited than anyone about our launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S22. With a whole host of exciting features, it’s the perfect upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S21; but that doesn’t mean we think you should pay full price for it. At 4gadgets, we can offer you a wallet-friendly alternative to buying a new Samsung Galaxy S22, while still allowing you to experience all the features and extras you’re most excited about, in the full quality they were intended to be enjoyed in. 

Ready to get scrolling? Browse our exciting range of refurbished phones today.