Keeping mobile phones safe in the winter

Keeping mobile phones safe in the winter

Winter. Some people love it, and some can’t stand the cold, wet weather that comes along with it. There’s obviously Christmas and its accompanying festivities that make it all worthwhile, but winter can be a truly dreary time. While we’re used to wrapping up to stop the bite of the cold – did you know how keeping your mobile phone warm in winter was important too? We’ve prepared some handy tips to keep your phone in the best working condition whether there’s storms or snow this winter.

What happens to a phone in cold weather?

Phones can overheat in the hot summer months, and they can certainly freeze during the winter – which can cause huge problems for the battery of your phone.   Imagine this, you’re out and about in weather that is in to the minuses, and you’ve pulled your phone out to take pictures for a bit too long. The next thing you know, your battery has dropped by 20%. Not a good sight.  If you’re wondering why phone batteries drain fast in winter, this is due to the device’s lithium-ion batteries having a reduced capacity when in cold temperatures. This causes chemical reactions within the battery to slow down, and then the battery will in turn drain quicker than you are used to. Phones can also freeze in places like vehicles if left overnight too – which isn’t great as water can become trapped inside your phone due to condensation. 

Tips for keeping your phone safe in the cold

Wear the correct clothing for the season

Winter is wet, cold, and often windy, so wearing thick jackets, waterproofs and windbreakers is a wise idea to protect not only yourself, but your phone too. Ensuring you’re wearing clothing that is fit for the weather means that your phone is more likely to be better protected and better insulated.

Don’t rush if a device has been exposed to the cold

Scared to turn on your device if it’s been exposed to the cold weather? The first rule here is to not rush to turn the phone on. Ensure your device is inside and able to have time to adjust to room temperature. This is reducing any risk of potential condensation.

Keep a portable charger at hand

Especially if you expect to be out-and-about for a while, keeping a portable charger with you is a great idea. Cold, freezing temperatures can drain your battery power. Take some of the strain off your device by giving it a helpful recharge while on the go, once you’re away from the elements of course.

Pick up a Thermal phone case

Some phone cases not only protect your device from a hazardous drop on the floor, but from a hazardous drop in temperature too. Thermal cases and similar accessories can be great in both the hot and the cold, meaning you’re free to use your phone how you like despite any adverse weather. 

Left your phone out in the cold?

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