Just How Good is the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Just How Good is the Samsung Galaxy S6?

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2014 wasn’t Samsung’s best year, the big release being the Samsung Galaxy S5 ended up quite the anti-climax. The handset did not sell as well as anticipated and to be honest, people weren’t too keen on it. The main reason the S5 was not a great success became apparent, the plastic look was no longer desirable. 

Samsung knew they needed to start again and that is exactly what they did. Along came the Samsung Galaxy S6, the usual plastic look had been dropped and a modern metal look had been introduced. The new look Samsung Galaxy S6 consists of a glass case with an all-metal band which really has caught people’s attention. 

It’s not just the sleek design of the S6 which has been a great success; the specs have also improved drastically. The new 5.1inch display on the S6 contains the highest pixel display on a mobile phone to date, making it the sharpest display on sale. The fingerprint scanner has also been upgraded, you no longer need to swipe your finger but simply rest your finger on the home button. The Galaxy S6 and S5 both have 16 megapixel cameras, it seems even Samsung have peaked on usable phone camera resolutions.

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